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Favorite Hyundai Verna Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

us the facelift and you have to give it to here now for going the distance with this update it’s got revised styling on the outside more features on the inside there’s a new petrol engine there’s a new diesel engine and what we have with us today is an allnew addition to the range altogether this very version is powered by a one liter turbo petrol engine that comes mated to a 7speed dualclutch . Gearboxnow the ingredients are surely interesting so i think we need to see this car in a whole lot more detail before we go any further make sure to and hit the bell icon for the latest from auto car india i’ll start with what’s new on the outside while the basic size balance shape and swoopy silhouette are unchanged from before the burner for 2020 is immediately identifiable by its vidan front end the grille is now a few sizes larger but i think it works really well here notably this gloss black .

Finishis exclusive to the turbo petrol version . Otherversions get what hilda calls a dark chrome finish the headlights have been redesigned to and have been upgraded . Tofull led units the angular bumper is new as well at the sides it’s the new 16 inch diamond cut wheels that give this away as the latest version of the verna what takes a bit away from the look is the substantial gap . Between.

Thetires and wheel arches that’s . Becausehyundai has increased the ride .

Heightwith this update add .

Theveer the changes are limited to new bumpers and we profile tail lamps again the turbo petrol stands out for its twin tip muffler but hugh and i were those scales on the rear bumper really necessary what do you think of the latest werner’s look let us know in the comments section below over to the. inside the new oners cabin is a. development of what we’ve seen already now exclusive to the turbo petrol variant is this allblack cabin themed and it looks quite sporty well as that extra flavor to this car’s interior are these red embellishments around the aircon vents the contrast stitching on the seats the gear level . Ofthe steering we really do their bit to add some flavor to the cabin but on the negative side the black . Alsotends to draw your attention to the hard plastics that make up most of the cabin there . Aresome interesting new additions to the interior you won’t really have to hunt around for the big changes to the warners . Cabinpaddle shifters are a new inclusion but they are .

Onlyexclusive to the turbo petrol variant then there is the move to digital dials now this arrangement is very newage bmw so it will be polarizing the setup comprises a clockwise speedometer and a counterclockwise tachometer that flank and mig display now it’s not the most intuitive or easy to read arrangements but hyundai has done well to include a digital readout for road speed and engine rpm the third big change on the werner’s interior is this new eightinch touchscreen . Thattakes pride of place on the redone centre console of course it goes without saying that . Hyundaihas included its blue link connected tech .

Thistime .

Around the system includes remote start remote climate control .

Operationrealtime status and direct access to a call center among 45 functions but before you ask there . Isno crater voiceactivated sunroof feature also there’s no escaping . Thatthe connected text functionality is only as good as the embedded sims connectivity the varner turbo is based on the top spec sx o trim and that means it’s loaded with . Featuresaside from the led headlights digital dials paddle shifters connected tech and sunroof we’ve already touched upon the werner turbot gets went elated front seats which make a world . Ofa difference on hot days wireless charging is included too but .

Thebay can’t . Holdthe largest of phones also while a handsfree . Trunkrelease for the sizable 480 litre boot is handy we found the system to be quite temperamental the warner turbo safety suite includes six airbags esc hill start assist a tire pressure monitoring system .

Anddisc brakes all around front parking sensor that are exclusive to the turbo also make life that .

Littlebit easier that’s a lot about the front section of the warners cabin how’s it at the back over a weakness that has been carried forward on to the . Latestversion of the car is unfortunately the mediocre rear seat space the front seat is set to my position i’m just under six feet tall and as you can tell i don’t have all that much leg room in the back there are frankly compact sedans that offer more space than this the seat itself is quite comfy you . Doget nice features a usb charger at the back and . Theretractable sunshade which is a handy feature to have on a sunny day but if it’s space you’re looking for you can do better than a werner before i start driving let’s quickly . Runthrough the updated warner lineup the rain starts with the new 115 horsepower and 144 newton meter 1.5 litre petrol engine that’s available with a .