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8 Good View Skoda Rapid Wallpaper

the skoda octavia in base model 110 tsi ambition form now while the sporty rs may steal all the headlines in today’s review we’re going to find out whether or not the base model is worth considering. here . Inbase model guys this octavia on paper at least is an absolute bargain at 32 990 drive away making it cheaper to buy on the road than the smaller market golf with which it s its mqb evo underpinnings so that’s an . Interestinglittle take and we’ll .

Getto that all in . Aminute .

Includingtalking about the cabin and the boot and the practicality of this car but first i want to talk about how this thing looks because the updated octavia i think looks really good perhaps this sort of fridgy basic flat white isn’t the best look on this car i’d spend the 770 dollars to get lava blue which is an amazing color but overall it’s a very handsome vehicle skoda have done a really good job making it look cohesive it starts with the updated . Frontend of course this is a very new car only launched . Inaustralia earlier this year you’ve got led headlights with daytime running lights standard on this base model which look really crisp and . Lendedan air of sophistication you’ve also got these really . Confidentlines that run the full length of the car to give it that real sort of european look and then it blends nicely into the lift backs little sharp tail which looks great of course you can also get this car in a wagon for an extra fifteen hundred dollars . Whichwould be my preference but you can let me know your . Preferencein the comments section down below and now we’re going to jump into the cabin of this mqb evo based 4th generation skoda octavia so straight into the cabin of this car and i’ve just got to say it’s amazing what skoda has managed to do at this price in terms of making this . Cabinfeel premium yes there are some detractors and some things that do give away its price we’ll get to those in a second but .

Onthe whole it feels really really solid premium and yeah just a great place to be in general now i’m going to preface this part by saying . Thatunfortunately the skoda . Ambitionthe base model car that we’re sitting in right now is actually sold out in australia currently may come back soon but . Forthe moment the most affordable one you can buy is the style which is one up from this guy gets all the same engine and still .