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Favorite 8 S14 Wallpaper Good Looking

a huge sorry i just wanted to say that yeah no it’s all real too people swear i have maybe i i know how did that happen i’ve had a fat i just lost a little weight so when you lose a little in the middle your ass just looks bigger yeah but yours is i mean it doesn’t it’s incredible thank you you should be you do you feel lucky put me in the smithsonian honestly hello it’s me . Monetexchange and you’re watching the .

Pitstop today’s very special episode is brought to you by sweet tarts why be . Justone thing when you can be both am i right ladies you certainly are and joining me today is a queen that most . Certainlyneeds no introduction i’ll take one you know her you love her because she smells real good it’s katya hi . Sweettarts right girl i love candy and sweet tarts really turn me sweetie i’m hunty i’m working i’m good i’m good i mean i’m so happy to be here i’m happy you’re here the pit stop now . Doyou notice anything different about the host . Umyou lost about 35 pounds. first of all i love this look girl it’s going to be very versatile don’t tell her no she’s not uh don’t know how to sew she don’t know how to . Sewshe does really good stuff how are you doing cards i’m good yeah you .

Look. Reallygood thank you i’m obsessed with your shoes i want your shoes i i glued . Allthose little uh yourself myself and i even touched them up there’s some spots here missing but yeah i love a fun shoe. how do you feel about season 14 kantia it is horrible it’s a dog show it’s the westminster kennel club woof woof. no it’s great it’s good it’s really fun i’ve i love . Thatit’s fun and fierce because dry has to be fierce yeah yeah yeah yeah if i’m not screaming work it hunty at the tv what are we doing i cannot even see you saying working hunty seriously well you need to get with it sister because i say worth it hunty. go this human hair unit i am you give me walmart half a fortnight ago we were on season seven yeah and now we’re 114. i don’t think that’s why you said that that .

Wordbut i’m keeping it i trust people it’s you know what the the winds have changed yeah now did you think we would be at 14 or do you .

Thinkit would stop before i thought we would go .