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Top 10 Challenger Demon Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

ever and, as you’d expect from a car that’s limited to 168 miles per hour. out on the road, the demon does feel pretty fast. but supercar fast? hyper car fast? i don’t know. . Thisisn’t some stripped down sports car. this . Isa big, comfy cruiser. two metric tons of big, comfy cruiser, to be precise. there’s no hybrid, energyrecovery gizmo. there’s just a big motor. and there’s . Nosupercar spec, doubleclutch gearbox. it’s just a big automatic. to be honest, it’s kind of just .

Adodge. but .

Igot to say i’ve driven quite a few dodges over the years and they’re not my favourite. the interiors are very plastic and cheap feeling. and while it’s no supercar on the inside, it doesn’t corner one either. if you try to go around this corner in the demon as fast as you’d go around this corner in the laferrari, you wouldn’t go around that corner. on a road this, the demon just would not see which way a supercar went. it pains me to say it, but it’s true. so, there . Yougo, question answered. for $84,995, you can’t buy a . Carthat will outrun anything else on the planet. however, for $84,996. you might just be able to. because when you buy a demon, dodge will also give you the option to spend $1 more on a crate of stuff. okay! you get tools. skinny front tyres. a highflow air filter, a new ecu. loads of cool stuff. because dodge didn’t build the . Demonto go quick on a windy, alpine pass, or a tight street circuit. no, no. the demon . Wasmade to do one thing. to tear up the drag strip, a quartermile at a time. bolt all those . Crateparts on, feed it some decent fuel and it’ll give you 840 horsepower. this is the most powerful v8 production car in history. dodge says this car will run the standing quarter mile in 9.65 seconds, which, if you know your drag racing, .

You’llknow is really, really fast. but if you don’t know your drag racing, here’s how it works. first, you need to warm the tyres. the demon has a function called line lock, which brakes the . Frontwheels, so you can spin up the rears. oh, they’re done. and, once you’ve warmed the tyres, you’re ready to go. well, almost. okay, so, to launch this thing is pretty easy. left foot on the brake, hold in both these paddles, add .

Somerevs. release one paddle, .

Footoff the brake, release the other paddle as you bury the throttle. see? easy. jesus . Christ!that is incredible! that won’t get old, ever. .