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Favorite Volkswagen Golf R Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

car competition company and they have over 180 cars to play for including the new vw golf r for just 225 a ticket and they have now also included a very cool tuned up vw golf r with a 25 discount so you can play for that . Car. Forjust 180. that’s a 46 000 pound car and what’s more is that it comes with 50 000 pounds of cash in the booth for those of you not in . Theuk .

Youcan still play their over 600 winners come from all over the world so .

Ifyou want to play for this 96 000 pound prize go to . Andget your tickets but remember this offer ends at midnight on sunday so make sure you get your tickets and make sure you let us know if you win good luck guys what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by . Autotop now my name is max and today we’ve got the all new 2021 vw golf r the mark 8 golf r and this is the the golf r’s are always super highly anticipated and we’ve been looking forward to driving this car for quite some time but as you can see the weather is crap and to make matters worse we only have this car for three hours so it is now 4 30 as you can see we pick this car up at three and we have to return it . Atsix so we’ve got three hours with the car and of course it rains so unfortunately nothing we can do about that but we’re going to make a review nonetheless i’m going to show you around it show you all the cool stuff on it and then we’ll take .

Itfor a drive towards the autobahn for a little wet autobahn blast but before we begin don’t forget to .

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Anew and check us out on instagram if you . At0. for some behind the scenes footage so we’re going to cover the new golf r and we’re going to focus on the r stuff of course r it is a new r and at the front i mean .

Weknow this look from the new gti that flat nose with the led bar running across which is not on right now let’s see if we can get that on i think this should turn it on. yeah . Sonow it’s turned on as you can see everything is turned on and of course we’ve got a more aggressive . Front.

Bumperwith air intakes and .