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Favorite 7 Porsche 935 Wallpaper

here the goodwood members meeting supporting the group five celebration with a very interesting. car from from the porsche history. they actually come from the porsche museum in stuttgart and it’s quite an interesting car from the 70 years of the . Sportscar company that that he’s renowned around the world and it’s a very much the embodiment of porsche intelligent performance in 1978 we recreated a car to tackle the more specifically but a few races in the buildup to .

Thatand the 935 78 really. . Isthe an outstanding creation of two of our famous . Engineersnorbert . Singerand. hands mexico mr. singer in particular did an incredible work on the aerodynamic design really looking at the regulations of the period to maximize the performance potential and wise the classic rear engine 911 configuration has an iconic hands witzger interpretation of that flatsix engine and . Inthis period bit of a crossover. from the aircooled tradition of the 911 into the watercooled of the modern . Erayou know this car has watercooled . Cylinderheads with aircooled block and. the combination really .

Isphenomenal but up to 845 horsepower from a twinturbocharged .

Flatsix and then .

Anincredible top speed down the mulsanne straight courtesy of the the aerodynamics it takes his name a bit. of a bit of an informal nickname of moby dick from the famous herman melville novel and they’re quite it’s a literary namesake this car was a very formidable competitor and in fact it . Wason pole and its debut race by two seconds in 1917 in silverstone driven by rocket master is reunited with the car this weekend and it went . Onto .

Winthe race by you . Knowabout seven laps so quite a phenomenal record of achievement and then they only had three races in fact in the time that it was run by . Thefactory team so quite an outstanding record of achievement . the kaiser real race cars i’ve drove it only a few times really at the period in 76 77 and you know we loved . It. Because.tubular frame you know it was a aerodynamic . Packagewhich was far superior over the normal 935 s so that car demoralized sweetie the customers that’s why it was difficult to run them a lot and not upset too many of the porsche customers obviously i mean there’s spent a lot of money .

Ontheir cars and then suddenly we came along . Withthis thing and blew them . Sothere was a bit unfair . but the cars wonderful to . Driverighteous now when i took it around staying is light it feels good it’s a lovely race .