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Top 10 Good View Wallpaper G Class

going a mercedes g63 gwagon that has a really cool interior and exterior combination in terms of well the colors but also some of the options but anyways first and foremost a huge shout out thank you to the mercedesbenz of farmington for giving me some time with this g63 check out my inventory in the description down below this one’s available for sale they also have a white g550 and then a another g63 that’s not finished in olive this is finished in a metallic green so they’ve got quite a few g wagons right now especially considering uh the inventory shortages we have in today’s world and then also if you guys are wondering the mercedesbenz of farmington is a one price store so if you don’t want to have to . Dealwith a bunch of hassle and negotiation and all that kind of stuff then mercedesbenz of farmington is going to be the dealership to . Goto because they’re just going to make your buying process super easy and straightforward and then last side note if you want to save time and money .

Thenext time purchase a car link to my carbine guide in . Thedescription down below let’s get into the under the hood we have a twin turbo 4 liter v8 that goes for a 9speed automatic transmission it’s good for horsepower and then . 627poundfeet of torque and just . all amg models well they got a flex that’s an amg under the hood and you have the signature of the person that hand built the engine and you can see just . how stuffed this is under the hood it’s so cool to see a big v8 under the hood now let’s go to the front end of this g63 so this is finished in matte olive i. might be getting the color name wrong but anyways there’s olive in the name and it is matte in finish this is a factory color this is not a vinyl wrap and you can see it just looks absolutely fantastic you got the mercedes logo there .

Inthe center and then you have the turn signal indicators here .

On. Thetop which also say mercedes benz and we have the led accent lights that wrap around the headlights which are super bright but notice there’s some . Darkercoloration in the bezel that makes it look a little bit more aggressive and we have the whole front grille here that’s been blacked out and it’s got a camera there in the center mercedes logo that’s also been blacked out and then we have the brush guard .

Hereat the bottom that’s .

Howyou can tell this is a g63 is on the 550 it’ll be covering the lights whereas . Onthe 63 it’s at . Thebottom of the bumper parking sensors integrated onto the front end and again finished in this matte olive it just looks so cool you can see here when you’ve got a little bit more lighting on the color you can see the brown but then when you .

Don’thave as much lighting here . Onthe other side it just looks dark it almost kind of um it almost appears as if it’s black so coming on the .

Sidehere we’ve got 33’s wrapped around 22inch wheels these are voss and wheels so .

Thesearen’t factory wheels this is an aftermarket setup but boy does it look fantastic and they have the massive rotors that are part of the amg g63 package and then also got . Ouramg brake caliper as well and then here’s the tire specs if you guys are wondering and then just a quick look at the front suspension look how aggressive these tires are it looks really cool with the g wagon and then notice how the bumper’s blacked out how that continues onto the fender flare . Andthen down to the side steps and you’ve got the chrome exhaust tips poking out the side and . Alsothe trim here is also blacked out we have our v8 by . Turbobadge has been blacked out you got your amg logo and then else the mirrors have also been blacked out and you can see the contrast between the olive and the blacked out elements definitely looks really cool now here’s our key fob we have our lock and unlock function you got the amg logo there on the bottom portion mercedes logo in the center and you got another amg logo here on the back which is pretty cool but if we unlock it first off we’re going to pop here into the rear got the nice clicking sound and also we have the quilted design here with the leather on .

Theback portion and then you got some wood trim here on the grab handle we have our amg floor mats back here with the cargo cover you can see the carpeting here and storage space is great because you .

Havequite a bit of height with the boxy design that comes with the g . Wagonbut yeah other than that when you’re all done all you got to do is just uh grab the handle again then throw it in look at listen to that clicking sound it’s so satisfying now finishing things up here with the rear .