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Favorite 3 Images Gtr R34 Skyline Wallpaper

logic we back with a very special oldschool japanese showdown today we have two of the car scenes most legendary cars going headtohead you don’t want to miss this one trust me let’s get it welcome to officially . let’s get it . Sowelcome back once again to the og battles and today we have managed to get two of arguably the most iconic late 90s japanese cars to line up together and do battle guys it’s the rb26 . Versusthe 2jz. .

I’vealso previously featured both .

Ofthese cars on the and trust me when i say this one’s going to be special and in partnership with race logic and as usual we’re going to be running . Fourdifferent tests first up it’s a zero to 60. next up is a quarter mile run after that it’s a drag race to the quarter mile . Andfinally we line both of these cars up for a quarter mile roll race let’s get over and meet both cars and their owners .

Firstup on today’s battles introducing .

Carland his bayside blue mark 4 toyota a super aero top running 900 brake horsepower modifications . Includea fully built 2jz gte engine a precision 6870. gen 2 turbo cnc ported head id 1300. injectors with twin warbro fuel pumps gsc billet cans and a cybex ecu the super is running on our aaa r semi slick tyres and weighs in . Ataround 1 650 kg giving a supra a power to weight ratio of 545 brake horsepower per ton and drives its rear wheels via its manual swat 6speed transmission and he’s going to be stepping up against athe and his 800 brake horsepower nissan r34 gtr modifications include a fully built 2.8 hks . Strokerengine a gready t78 single turbo . Conversionvcam to reduce lag and hks management now the nissan gtr is also . Runningon r tripleeight semislick tyres and weighs in at about 1560 kg . Givingit a power to weight ratio of 512 brake horsepower per ton now the nissan gtr drives all four wheels via its 6speed manual transmission giving it the grip advantage over . Thesupra but we’re hoping the 100 brake horsepower power advantage of the supra might just make up for them let’s see what happens carl welcome back to the brother good to see you jamie mate wise guys we’ve actually had this car on your keen eye viewers would remember you’ve done an onroad feature on this car but now it’s running a lot more power yes it is it’s running a lot more and uh you stepped up . Idon’t know why i’m looking at the camera you .