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10 Good View Tesla Model S Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

launched in 2012 it revolutionized electric cars and it changed their image completely without this we’d never have seen cars the jaguar eye pace the audi utron and most recently the porsche tycan but surely if it’s eight years old there must . Nowbe better options if you’re looking for a luxury car that you can plug in rather than fill up with petrol well that’s what we’re going to be finding . Outin this we’ll also be telling you how fast the model s is how quickly it can charge up how well it can drive itself how it can double as an outdoor cinema and how it’s even big enough to go camping in but before we kick off make sure you’re d to . Our and that you’ve turned on notifications by clicking on the bell icon below if you don’t do this we can’t let you know about some . Ofthe really exciting s we’ve got coming up over the next few weeks also remember that if you want .

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Anynew car electric or otherwise is the place to get a great deal without any haggling so head over there by clicking the banner above or google what car deals so i don’t know about you but i reckon this design has aged really well it doesn’t look eight years old at all and it isn’t even as though it’s had a major .

Faceliftduring that time this nose was given a bit of a job back in 2016 there used to be a .

Blackfake plastic grill here but really we’re talking about very minor changes compared with what most manufacturers make when they facelift a car if you’re thinking .

Thedesign looks a bit .

Amazda well that’s probably because that’s where the guy who designed the model s france von hulhausen came from and he’s designed every other tesla since but which of tesla’s current models do you reckon looks best the model s the model 3 the model x . Orthe model y let us know by voting in our poll those model letters are . Incidentallysupposed to say sexy tesla wanted to call the model 3 the model e to spell the word properly but ford had already filed a trademark for that name anyway at the moment there were just two versions of the model s one called the long range and another called the performance which is the one we’ve got here today both cars have exactly the same 100 kilowatt . Hourbattery but the performance has more powerful electric motors for . Evenfaster acceleration and we’ll tell you what the difference . Thereis a little bit later on whichever one you . Gofor you can charge up in several ways you can plug in at home where a full charge from a seven kilowatt wall box .

Willtake around 15 hours you can use a ccs public charging point the ones you’ll find at a motorway service . Stationor and .

Thisis one of the main reasons you might buy tesla over another brand of electric car you get exclusive use of the company’s .

Proprietarysupercharger network there are more than 500 of these across the .

Ukand seriously quick charging rates are possible so you can expect the battery to go from 10 percent to 80 percent full in .

Lessthan 40 minutes although times do vary depending on things the battery temperature . Betterstill if you buy a model s from tesla’s existing stock rather than putting . Ina custom factory order you’ll get free unlimited supercharger use for the entire life of the car again in here doesn’t look its age does it and that’s . Probablybecause tesla has actually influenced many other manufacturers with its really minimalist interiors with very few buttons and switches and pretty much everything is controlled through this enormous 17 inch touchscreen here in . Themiddle of the dashboard now usually we’re not fans of touchscreens and cars they can .

Bequite distracting to use while you’re driving and we’d certainly rather have a secondary rotary controller you get in a bmw but . Ifyou’re going to have a touchscreen at least make it . Areally big one this because it means everything can be spaced out rather than having all the icons crammed closely together so they’re a bit easier to hit accurately when you’re driving so what exactly does it control well it would take me most of the day to go through everything but as you’d expect it’s where you get navigation instructions play . Andmake phone . Callsthere’s also a web browser a screen where you can schedule charging times and unlock the charging port and energy consumption meter and you also use the .

Touchscreento control the air conditioning there is a voice control function and it’s useful when you just .

Wantto tweak the interior temperature or switch on the heated seats although it doesn’t always work perfectly with british accents and . Youcan’t use it to do things adjusting the . Suspensionor turning on the headlights unliking the cheaper model 3 though you don’t use the touchscreen for opening the glove box there’s a button here for that and you don’t use it for adjusting the steering wheel or the .