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erickson coming to you from kellogg idaho this week and this my friends is the 2013 jeep grand cherokee overland goodlooking vehicle i think the black really does do it justice coming up on this episode we’ll learn about some of the interior features of this suv we’ll go under the hood to learn about its engine and performance and we’ll run down some of the grand cherokees main competition should be a great one . Thanksfor watching the body style . Thegrand cherokee remains . Unchangedfor . 2013as it did in 2012 which if you ask me is a good move i love its classic jeep styling and upscale appearance heck if it’s not broken don’t fix it right this moderate and sleek look was designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind a successful formula no wonder the engineers didn’t feel the need to make any changes it’s perfect just the way it is a few of the exterior features include a trailer hitch receiver more on its towing capability in a bit turn signal indicator mirrors rear spoiler along with a rear cargo power liftgate demo on that still ahead as well and chrome accents throughout on the inside the overland package offers . Quitethe array of niceties . Woodleather wrap steering wheel which can be heated and soaked in the front and second row seats for that matter electronic vehicle information center with a 6.5 inch touchscreen display which is graphically challenged in my opinion and nine count’em nine amplified speakers with sub woofer as . Faras the back seats. i think jeep has done a pretty good job headroom is just about right at least for someone who is about six feet tall comforts good that’s where my seat position is as a driver so i do have plenty of legroom here nothing really banging up against my knees you want . Toput a third person . Inthe middle might be a little bit tight but i it it’s pretty good stuff yeah let’s take a look. at the cargo area back here of the jeep grand cherokee doubleclick the key fob to open up . Thetrunk lid and what do you got here this is a good width i think for bringing in some luggage groceries camping equipment even i’m sure . Youcan possibly put a couple of bicycles back here push button here there is your spare tire speaker system back here only two rows of seats and something here on the inside left is a light a mini. flashlight so at night if you’re looking around you can’t see anything you have this little flashlight here it’s a high powered by .