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Top Toyota Supra Fast And Furious Wallpaper With 13 Pictures

let’s play in the last episode i tried my hand at drag racing and basically spent nearly all of my money trying to build drag cars long story short i need to make some money . Todayand that’s where our . Nextmenu book comes in . Thisis menu book 33 world touring car 600 let’s go be aware the. entry is restricted to cars with a pp of 600 or less oh boy oh boy whoa whoa whoa. okay i was imagining some older cars kind of upgraded not a 458 this will not go well all right why did they have to do the mustang dirty when it crack this is my toyota super that we actually unlocked in the last episode its pp level is 580 so with a little bit of. customization this might be the perfect car for if i wide . Bodyit do you think we could get to the top no way that actually increases our . Ppmean i mean yeah i mean yeah yeah 50 000 . Creditsfor a wide body i love the gt7 wide bodies and the customization is just awesome we’ve got some body mods for this thing . Actuallyso we can get a nice custom front bumper i the look of that side skirt that’s not bad i this one though that looks really good 4 000 credits that’s not super expensive whoa look at that diffuser this one i find is more street car super which i guess we’re going for rear wing for a super we can go wingless ducktales really nice uh somebody stole .

Asubaru sti rear wing i think i our stock rear wing if i’m . Honestit wouldn’t be right if i didn’t do it man that’s awesome i think the only other thing we’re gonna do to get . Thisto be 600 pp is just stage one weight reduction that saves 300 pounds on the car that’s perfect all right so race number one where are we racing the red bull ring five laps of the red bull ring then we uh oh oh no no no back back i am literally gonna be broke i’m i’m going to be so broke it’s not even funny 28 000 credits for those look at my peepee what did he say that’s something you shouldn’t say on twitch welcome back to another episode of nikko’s bro in gran turismo toyota supra looking so so good we’re starting all the way in 16th place as per usual yo that’s so cool what a sick looking view alright go interior view we’ve gotta conquer this rain five laps of this .