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Favorite Rs4 Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

special cars both of them have 4.2 liter v8 engines that produce about 420 horsepower and today if you’re taking a look around both of these cars and showing you guys all the course things about the audi rs4. howdy rs 4 is that perfect combination of that muscle car v8 sound and that luxurious agility of an audi sports car all combined into one the audi rs4 is definitely for that hardcore driving enthusiast that prefers their engine sound be louder than their stereo now if you’re . Lookingfor a more luxurious more comfortable outie that’s still fast you might want to look towards an s5 or an s for something that’s not as a rugged for . Theroad but these 2 rs fours have very very rugged racing interiors and very very high power tuned v8 engines. applause . buying maybe something these two rs for a porsche or a ferrari or something very .

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