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spaces into which someone has failed to squeeze one of those but let’s not worry about bad parking come and have a look at these look it’s the new corvette z06 and not just one but two a zo6 and a z06 with a z07 pack. and yes i’m in america i’m going with z not zed now at this point i’m going to assume that your knowledge of all this corvette is a little bit shaky think of it this way the corvette is america’s porsche 911 and just stuttgart’s finest it comes in an array of flavors there’s a 495 horsepower base car and then for the ones wanting a little bit more track action there’s the z06 that’s your gt3 and the z06 comes with a z07. pack that’s your . Gt3rs and here’s something else this corvette has in common with porsche’s toughest nut . Ituses a high revving naturally aspirated engine that is .

Rootedin racing and has nothing whatsoever in common with the small block v8 in the regular corvette we’re going to concentrate on this one first because it’s a coupe so you can see the engine that bit better now when the eighth generation corvette came out a couple of years ago it was a big deal because for the first time since 1953 the iconic v8 wasn’t in the front it was in the middle and now for the . Z06they’ve given it a smaller engine but made it faster much much faster the regular corvette uses a 6.2 litre small block v8 but what you see here is an entirely new engine called the lt6 it’s a 5.5 liter developing 670 horsepower and that’s more power than the mightiest 911 so in essence the z06. is a gt3 .

Rivalwith turbo s power and yes i know you think all american v8s are . Aboutlazy low down torque so here’s some facts this is a dry sumpt flat plain crank v8 d with the c8r gt racing car it revs to 8 600 rpm has. titanium intake valves develops over 120 horsepower per liter and is the most powerful naturally aspirated production v8 in the world ever would you to hear it core quite red in here isn’t it but let’s not worry about the interior let’s just do the engine to start . Withso now there’s a bit of a process that i have to go through to rev it i have to put it into gear then i have to press manual then i have to pull . Bothpaddles then i can rev it listen how fast it revs it’s brilliant because it’s sort of .