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to get teacher david the eighties hot hatch he always wanted my dream car is mark one golf two guys yeah definitely yeah you’re a man after my own i’m but raising the cash for that famous gti badge . Isn’tgoing . Tobe straightforward it doesn’t work it won’t go forward it only goes backwards yeah it goes backwards and will require some creative thinking what on earth is this it’s in bits it’s gonna be great fun you’re . Gonnalove it . We’veall got a dream car for most it remains out of reach i’ve always said to myself when i was younger that when i get older i’ll i’ll buy one but unfortunately it’s just been . Adream so i’m taking on the ultimate training challenge well now we’re going to make motoring dreams come true i know you can do it i believe in you i’m not harry potter here’s how i meet car lovers who hand over their daily drive where’s the petrol flat i think that flew off down there and whatever savings . Theycan .

Spareabout 500 . Pounds.

500quid through a series of trades this is a monumental gamble .

Andmoney making deals i’d offer you three thousand pounds hold out your head i’ll trade up yeah lovely until i got enough money to buy the car they’ve always wanted i . Can’texpress how happy i am i’ll draw on years of experience and my tricks of the trade if the weather’s . this i wouldn’t get that roof working we can sell this for more . Thandouble what i paid for it helping me in the workshop is x formula one mechanic elvis such an inconvenient place to have to work this it won’t go forwards it only goes backwards you just wasted 2 300 quid of our money the pressure is on oh that’s crazy to deliver you’re taking that dream car i’m saying it’s amazing. applause oh look .

Atthis little hot hatch car meat look at that . Lovelygti who doesn’t love a cracking golf right in my wheel house this is i love these cars i’m here to meet a guy called david now david obviously wants something small very fast and . Hesaid that he’d be amongst the cars oh . Irecognize him he’s this . Chapover here david’s a bricklayer by trade but he’s giving that up and taking a pay cut to retrain as a teacher he’d love to own a golf gti but with a young family to support it’s .

Justout of his reach so he’s asked me and elvis for help you must be david yeah david how .