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so sat in the new bmw ix and behind me is a bmw x7 both of these cars are the 50. so similar power but more on that in a moment you see i’m going to have a tug of war to see which one of these has the most pulling power and traction let me tell you about this ix it has two electric motors and combined they . Putout 523 horsepower and 765 newton meters. quite heavy car this but that does help you and took a walk it’s all about putting your . Power.

Downto the ground and this thing weighs because of all its batteries 2 510 kilos also costs from 94 000 pounds now electric cars aren’t that great for towing normally but this one has a decent tone capacity of 2 . 500kilos however that’s not as impressive as the x7 which has a 10 capacity of 3 500 kilos that is powered by a 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 with 530 horsepower and 750 newton meters of torque a little .

Lesstorque . Thanthis or say it’s a bit lighter well relatively speaking it comes in at 2490 kilos it’s also less expensive just under a hundred thousand pounds now that car’s being driven by nabil from topaz i want to say . Abig thanks to nabil for lending us his car for this tug of war and if you want to check out his which is awesome he’s got loads of insane hybrid cars that they work on at topaz please check the link in the description below go on to their the latest and say thanks for . Lettingmatt . Tugyour car that sounds weird but anyway you get the idea let’s just speak to the bill actually how you doing . Thebill you’re right i’m good not bad this is the first time i’m doing this kind of event so i’m looking forward to it i the .

Wayyou call it an event we’re at some kind of car olympics but yeah i guess it is an event it will be if we damage them do you think that the petrol power bmw will beat the electric bmw in a tug of . Warwhat do you reckon i .

Thinkthe petrol is going to have i think the dump of the electric power is just going to come in a bit too much too aggressive with petrol you can probably further in a bit more especially as that x7 is yours now before we go with this tug of war do you know that you can now sell your car through carway all you .