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Favorite C4 Corvette Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

set your sensor or your throttle position sensor it’s real easy you need a multimeter and you need three wire leads so i’ll go ahead and show you how to diagnose it and also how to fix . Itso this is for my 1985 c4 now. checking to see if you have a code 22 is fairly simple this is the same way that you check all your code you need a really really expensive tool a paperclip so what you want to do is ground your diagnostic pin in your ground pin and on this c4 it’s going to be a and b so it’s these two pins right here okay so that’s how you do just leave the paperclip in there you turn your key on one click . clicks tongue on when you’re going to do . Itnow it’s going to flash code 12 that’s the beginning of your code so one flash one two .

That’sa 12 it’s going to .

Doit again one flash one two that’s a. 12 .

Nowit’s going to start listing codes flash flash flash flash that’s 22 it’s going to .

Dotwo more times is 12 now it’s . Goingto go back and out the 22s we go back to 12 1 1 2 so 12. beginning in the ends of all your codes so if i had more than just this code it would show but 12 .

Iswith how you know it’s done showing code so . That’show you basically diagnose the codes make sure that this is actually what you have so let’s go out in the car and see if we can’t get it to do what it’s supposed to do the other thing i was having is my idol was really really high and the code was intermittent the check engine light would pop on and off over . Andover so we’re gonna go ahead and diagnose it it’s actually pretty easy so basically what you’re doing is you’re checking voltage that goes from one wire to the other so this is your throttle position sensor okay and what you want to do is you want to basically take these three and jumper this pin with this pin and . Thenone with the middle on the bottom with the bottom one now if you look at this clip this top part is a . Band c c. is your ground and then a and b 1 check voltage in between them now what i’ve done is i have made these special little jumper wires that fit in both ends so. this one’s going to go and see this one’s going to go b .