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up and can restrict it with your mouse don’t do that it’ll be great covered all over it this was filmed before cover 19 was a team well yeah we don’t know about it . Fouryears behind covert 18 . Wasin its infancy you’re fronting the  __  out of all of us we were just gagging on stuff right we’re at something i don’t know why we’re at but we’re at something we’re at naughton i’m going to take off the is it the oil air control valve and give it some lubrication do it then okay that was a risky maneuver it’s good though yeah it probably looks good yeah it looks really handy listen to this floppy’s right okay this is the kind of  __  we want to see we’ve been looking for all right and action go again take . Twoquite on the set uh this is why not never gets done free precovered is there an irish if you’re watching this you should be called .

Tomorrow’sfake yeah because applause save me fist fisting petrol make him hard hard a rock can’t . Putthat in. i’ve done a bad thing is it . Afinger trap chinese finger spa idle air control thing valve jeez how many things is it attached here it looks it’s been . Onfor one minute this clock is broken well it’s not broken but there would say the lens is loose this is well it has a uk it’s a uk spec dash maybe or it’s a uk vince so i’ve learned a new thing the vents on the uk are at the side and oh they have the the thing to turn them off or the jab ones don’t have it what .

Doyou mean now oh just to close them all together this little thing here that’s on the . That’snot on the chat ones right that’s all  __  yoga maneuvers nice a full four pop out . Thesevents here’s . Myuncracked dash but it has . Thisin it for a roll cage we thought we .

Don’tdo anything else except for just lark on the internet all the time tipsy toes did you notice that the internet got invented was it i think .

Soas a gigantic distraction the biggest distraction there is so took off the oil air control valve because it’s full of uh kind of . gloopy schmutz you can see here we used a reuben’s favorite spray no comments are better where are you from why hasn’t he done that in ages because we’re .

Usingit for something else .

Becauseit’s dirty my priorities have changed you’ve moved on .