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review auto top now my name is max and today we are checking out what is probably one of the most beautiful convertible cars ever built this is the alpha romeo 8c spider. it is a 2010 car they were built from 2009 and only 500 . Ofthese were built. of course it is the spider version of the hc competition which they also made 500 of and well they are two of the most beautiful cars ever made in my opinion .

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Lovethem we filmed the coupe ten years ago over 10 years ago for our we didn’t get to drive that car but we made some awesome s with it go check it out on our . Ifyou’re interested but today we borrowed this car at a robo exclusive cars a . Verynice relatively young company with a lot of cool . Carsand they actually have three of these hc’s in stock right now so they’ve got this one they’ve got a red spider which has been sold and then they’ve also got a racing yellow hc coupe which is outrageously cool they only made eight of those in that color so i mean go buy that car if you have the money because that car will be half . Amillion euros in a couple of years i think so we got there this morning and after they moved to other italian beauties this car came out for us to enjoy . Todayso . Bigthanks to robo uh go check them out i’ll link their website in the description so the 8c spider. wow it is still so gorgeous as i said it’s a 2010 car so it’s 11 . Yearsold but. it’s still so . Freakinggorgeous and the the design is just timeless it was designed by a guy called wolfgang egger the competition the coupe apparently the story is that he just drew it he designed it and . Thenhe had a couple of skill models made and then he showed that to alpha male management without their knowing and that really does make it extra cool and it was designed to look the awesome alfa romeos from the 1920s and 30s now this spider version was announced because they had such an incredible reception of the competition that they thought well okay let’s make 500 more because we’re we’re definitely going to sell those um and they got 1200 orders for this car when they announced it only 500 were made so 700 people were disappointed unfortunately but it is absolutely gorgeous still and most of the body is carbon fiber so it is a true fullblown .