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Top Rs3 Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

dress accordingly the car but i said no way i’m gonna buy green trousers for this kaialami green no way but i rather dress according to the front grille and the wheels it’s gonna be hot today with a german . Audubonepisode with the . Audirs3 five cylinder action let’s go you’re joining thomas on autograph welcome here the rs3 in the front gets the black mask really sporty strong appearance then this . Honeycombstructure inside rs3 batch however if you want more black for example black .

Backgroundfor the lights this is . Anoptional . Black.

Packageactually which .

Isalso here at this vehicle led standard matrix will be optional then you also have cascading turning indicators both . Inthe front and in the rear and in the lower part here there’s a special animation special signature and also this rs3 welcome animation it’s really interesting the length here at 4 meters 50 or 177 inches this is a sedan you can also go for the 16 centimeters or six inches shorter hatch we also have a separate where we do the exact comparison between sedan and hedge you . Cantune into that one later the sedan has the advantage it has a little bit more length and more weight on the rear axle which is actually . Evena . Littlebit better for driving 19 inch wheels are standard for the rs3 here in the black styling also together with more black accelerations .

Forexample also the side mirrors and also the frames around the windows you can also get it without the black pack then you would have a .

Brightframe around the windows and also . Thebright styling at the side mirrors which is to me you know just . Alittle bit more likable this is here the more sinister look which one would you actually go for beautiful and . Strongstyling in the rear here a separate spoiler lip contrasting style modern signature for the tail lamps r3 logo and then this additional dark .

Blackelement in the honeycomb style and here this is also the optional sports performance exhaust the normal one will already bring you nice sound this one and . Evenmore enhanced but the af ap is active the other will fake exhaust police because the real one is on the inside the performance car really but what’s really cool is the torque split so this is a frontal driven platform .

Butthen all wheel drive 50 50 maximum so also torque is sent to the .

Rearand from that 50 percent of power on the rear you can in the . Driftmode then that’s the maximum thing have 100 .