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in this case vitamina 12 refers to the highperformance 812 option package factory installed on this handsome 1969 and 1/2 plymouth road runner the road runner was a very popular car and was even crowned motor trends car of the . Yearfor 69 and it makes sense as the whole idea was to build a car that had strong performance a variety of options sharp looks and alone drives . Thebase. 383 powered cars ran well but plymouth executives realize the power of drag racing and they paid attention to what people were doing to modify their own .


Tomake them faster the cool thing is that they acted on it and launched the a12 package as a midyear option if . Youwere to build a weekend . Warriordrag racer you probably opted for the biggest . Engineyou could find feed it with multiple carbs at a four speed with a good clutch dual exhaust a limitedslip rear with speedy gears big tires and gut the .

Carto save weight .

Andguess what that’s exactly what plymouth did. first up .

Theydropped in a ten to one compression 440 v8 and capped it with an edelbrock .

Aluminumsix barrel intake manifold and three . Twobarrelcarburetors for plenty of fresh air and fuel the lower end had a forged crank and rods and a 440 magnum style camshaft these engines were treated to extra machining finesse a shot peen crank flat faced lifters stronger valve springs of rockers and other touches to make them basically waste a new breaker las’ ignition lit the fire and a heavyduty clutch spun a hemi . Spec4speed hooked to a dana 9 and 3/4 .

Inchrear end which was loaded .

With410 gears and a suregrip differential you need big tires to . Raceso they wrapped goodyear poly glass g70 fifteens with red stripes around stamped steel 15 by 7 inch wheels they figured that hubcaps were just an annoyance at the track so they left them off completely the look is signature a12 and it’s all business the suspension .

Comesright . Fromthe police package so the ride is firm and it stops with disc brakes of front and oversized 11 inch drums and the rear. racers didn’t want a bunch of weight in the car so the a12 was pretty basic inside it’s got a bench seat a fourspeed stick . Andan am radio with a heater but that’s about it a big 120 mile an hour sweeping speedo shows over 90,000 miles on the clock which is a satisfying indicator of the cars past life this car was actually . Drivenand quite a lot first generation muscle cars .