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finally getting the the roof wrapped been waiting for it so uh pretty excited um make sure you go ahead and drop a um and uh leave a comment below and uh we’ll go ahead and get started with it got my guy juvie here he’s . Goingto be assisting me with the wrap basically doing all of it so we’re getting knocked out yeah exactly guys we’ll see some progress in there yeah definitely so pretty excited for this uh stay tuned and then .

Uhwe’ll get this thing going sweet all . Rightguys so for the roof wrap we’re just going to lay some lifeless tape right here in this little edge so it doesn’t really have uh what do you call it one of those little space whatever all groups have we’re just going to lay some knifeless tape and we’re going to clay bar the whole entire service first make sure there’s no uh pigments anything on the uh on the roof want to make sure . Welay this vinyl nice and perfect we got a little bit intricate piece right here we got this uh little antenna we’re gonna try and knock this off probably two pieces uh we’re just going to do a seamless with the knifeless tape you’re going to do two overlays and make it look clean so you guys stay tuned for that clay bar on . Thesurface making it nice and smooth that way the rack can just tap on there so i’m just using soapy water with some dawn dish soap just a little bit and then dilute it with some water that way it gets all the stuff and greases and everything off of the roof and go over the glass piece too this clay bar . Isreally really nice you can use it multiple times now i’m just going to draw off the surface all microfiber stuff off . this is diluted with water so there’s going to be no soap residue after we wipe this down. and i will go ahead and uh link his info down in the description . Umthat way if you’re in the tulsa area . Umyou can hit them up and uh get your roof wrapped or whatever you may need uh to get wrapped so um look down in the description and uh you can check them out you’ll .

Knowthe surface is nice and clean whenever the microfiber towel starts to just glide .

Overthe surface all right now that we have the . Surfaceall nice and prepped we can go ahead and .

Startto lay the material .

Downgloss everything and uh .