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Best Porsche 911 Phone Wallpaper With 13 Pictures

we’ve got sound system demo on the 2021 porsche 911 and its 13 speaker burmester audio system this is going to be an indepth review we’re going to take a look at the infotainment system take a look at audio adjustments audio controls speaker locations android auto and apple carplay then we’re going to go out in the road and listen to these sample tracks while we’re rolling i’ll give you my thoughts at the end if you don’t care about any of that stuff at the beginning you just want to hear the click ahead in the we’ve got chapters to get you right to the tunes and and if you’re sick of hearing these same songs week in and week out you want to hear some more unique sign up to become a daily motor member we’re also shooting a members only sound test for this car that has tracks requested by viewers you who are members they send in they say hey charlie i’d to hear this specific song on this .

Specificsystem and we . Makeit happen so it’s copyrighted it’s stuff that you’d . Hearright in your own listening portfolio so if you do want to hear that sign up to become a dm member before we get started hop out take a look at this nearly the ultimate porsche 911 the turbo s it really doesn’t get much better than .

Thisfolks packing 640 horsepower and nearly 600 poundfeet . Oftorque this is the ultimate . 911for the ultimate uh owner . Ishould say it might not .

Bethe ultimate driving experience i would give that to the gt3 .

Butif you want to go faster than nearly everything on the street and look amazing doing it with all the most premium materials the 911 turbo s is just about the way to do it now we always do . Thesetests with lossless uncompressed wav . Audiofiles on a usb stick plugged directly into the system and high quality binaural microphones in both of my ears giving you the most realistic audio system demo on youtube we also do the test with the sound settings set to their factory defaults so let’s take a look at those .

Nowexcellent porsche infotainment system updated a little bit here looks very nice very wide screen setup here we’re in the media screen let’s go to what’s . Gonnabe the .

Quickestway to get to sound settings maybe just down to sound right there starting off at the top you’ve got front rear left right fader and balance you can move that all around the cabin that center out to .