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Favorite 8 M3 Gtr Wallpaper Good Looking

joker channel we’re going to be doing something a little different you see most of my viewers probably know me for my nissan skyline gtr s so you might think my number one dream car is the skyline well actually that’s not the case the car i . Covetthe most is the 2001 bmw m3 gtr. you might recognize it from need for speed or other games or perhaps even the american lemans series that it raced in much the skyline this .

Isone of .

Myfavorite cars of all time so we’re going to . Betalking about what makes it so . Coolfor starters the m3 gtr was the first bmw m3 to be powered by a v8 the engine it had was a prototype called the p 60 b 40 it was a four liter v8 built just for . Racingin 2001 the car made about 440 horsepower but in later years it made as much as 500 keep in mind the car also had a curb weight of two thousand four hundred and fifty to two thousand seven hundred and sixty pounds the result . Wasa zero to sixty of . 3.4seconds a zero to one hundred of seven seconds and a quarter mile time of 11.4 at 127 miles an hour the engine. would later inspire what went into the e92 m3 as . Wellas the m3 gt2 the engine. in the road car was called the s 65 b 40 there .

Wasn’ta whole . Lotin common between the s 65 and the p 60 b 40 beyond them both having eight cylinders and a four liter displacement but if you have ever listened to an e 92 m3 you .

Probablynoticed the engine makes a very different note from the m3 gtr applause . and after asking chris fletcher who has worked on the p 60 p 40 before he told me there are quite a few reasons for why the m3 gtr sounds different from the . E92but one of the main ones was the fact that the gtrs engine had a flat plane crank shaft .

Andhere’s the interesting part the racing engine in the m3 gt2 also had a flat plane crank shaft it was called the p 65 b 40 and while it was still a racing version of the s 65 it sounded a lot the e46 gtr. . and yes it is possible to get an official bmw s65 flatplane crankshaft but be prepared for ridiculously high prices the m3 gtr s mythical . V8has never been for sale to the public so the closest thing any of us ordinary people are going .