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Top Honda Ek9 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

the my name is clay wong and you’re joining me to yet another week here in lockdown in australia still stuck in the apartment garage but hey more time to make epic s right so let’s get into it i often talk about just how great these old honda civics are and just how much i love them there are literally hundreds of reasons as to why i think they’re fantastic drivers cars and the type of vehicle that is fun to drive and also very affordable and i’ve made .

Somany s about just that here on the however unbeknownst to that and many others out there there’s actually many hidden gremlins in owning a car this and you could potentially be buying into a neverending can . Ofworms and for a vehicle that’s just so old there’s a bunch of things that could possibly go wrong and that’s really undesirable to have in a car or to have in any car really . Soin this we’re going to do a deep dive into some of the problems associated with owning a . 25year old honda civic so full disclosure before i get any antihonda comments on this but as you guys can see i’m definitely not a . Haterof honda’s i actually love them and i’ve got two of them out here today this is my 1992 honda civic eg kswap and this is my 1996 honda civic ek4 vtir or sir if you. prefer if you haven’t seen the previous review or for this car please go back and check it out or if you’re new to the thank . Youso much for tuning in and welcome this is my new budget build project car and in today’s we’re going to go over the longawaited indepth thorough look at this car and honestly it’s going to be the perfect subject for this as it’s going to highlight many of the problems associated with owning an old honda civic so before . Weget started if you guys are . Enjoyingthis type of content you want to see more of my builds car reviews and epic automotive related content here on youtube consider subscribing to the and let’s get straight into it guys so the first problem that you’re going .

Tocome across when buying one of these . Oldhonda civics is most definitely the paint condition and you’re going to be able to spot it straight away . Thisek4 is 25 years old in 2021 my eg is 29. years old so they’re very old cars and usually they’ve been used as daily drivers for commuters to .