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Top Wallpaper Toyota Supra Mk4 With 12 Pictures

a man jonathan kite a geek. we’ve finally made it overseas to england ccut the buggy just when smokey was satisfied with his run he gets some company oh no the british cops try to catch up right there no puns do you think this is a playground now i’m sure you know . you alright guys we’re here trap teams warehouse time to check out the supra well it’s up what’s up she is a and she looks good in person. it’s so .

Crazyyou think .

Thiscar looks good on camera and man does it look so much better in person that’s just you guys a quick walk around here . Anythinglooks good so much history. with this car so i’m sure everybody on. the planet knows about this thing but for the guys that don’t this is a 1998. what used to be an rsp super us to modify a little bit at home it is smoking a god it’s top secret supra so yeah it’s been changed a little bit just a little it’s got quite the body. pretty nice .

V12twin turbo jesus that’s so awesome so ah this car was originally built . Bytry and break the world speed record for world’s fastest car he went ahead hard. to build this obscenity or a apparently no they didn’t come out with a new super so you hurry it up and build this and this was his dream for the future of japanese . Carsso do you know anything about the v12 engine setup that’s in the car yeah . Sosmokey went ahead and chose one . Gtout of the tabas century it’s a v12 used in a limo type car it was a big car really made for comfort that’s why it . Doeshave to be to open it just so you have that smoothness um but because of that you know we’re gonna mention that really made power but smokey chose this because it was very similar to having 2jz engines just lined up so he went ahead and had to pop one off pistons main went off garage made . Butwith a living crap there for the engine oh it really wasn’t made to to make that kind of horsepower he’s hoping for a thousand more start of the car so he had. all that stuff custommade yeah xtreme had worked on custom intake manifold 20 ki 2835 turbos put on it they had a dry sump oiling system be mounted oil coolers and it had the whole . Coolingsystem for the water and the coolant in the rear and i heard something about it having to easy user .