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5 Images Mazda 787b Wallpaper Good Looking

an airbag the diagnostic shows it to be the front impact since the circuit the front impact sensor it’s just tucked down behind here behind the grill you just undo one screw here there’s another screw . Herethis one didn’t want to come undone but it’s not really a problem because the grill just pulls forward it’s one bolt here the whole ste a little protective plate in front of the sensor sensors here you can see . Bythe. state of these bolts . With.

Arusty all . Theway though the . Saltthe dirt and water gets in there what’s happened is it’s rotted the pin in the end of the sensor i’ve already taken this pin out of the plug here but you probably might be able . Tosee just refocus this pin is. broken off so get this sensor off we. . Needto see in the end just in the end. there one of the pins is gone so just. need to put .

Newsensor on i’ll repin this plug to the fold . Codesand that’ll be it so if you’ve got a front impact sensor fault showing on your diagnostic this is where the sensories you . Justneed to check these pins replace this sensor repin this plug and they’ll sort the problem out