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entire planet there’s only one of these in the world we’re taking it to the desert i’m gonna show you around and we’re even gonna get to driving so today’s is an absolute banger make sure you . Watchuntil the end . Thisis the mercedes vision abtr. i’m not gonna lie i’m super excited i mean this is the kind of car that when you get the call your your eyebrows go up mercedes called me they were hey sergey uh you want .

Todo a car review i was .

yeah sure .

Theywere it’s the avtr i was you know it’s one of those kinds of cars this thing is super super special and if you don’t know what this is this thing is basically a clash of the titans between the team over at avatar and . Mercedesavtr basically stands for avatar it also stands for advanced vehicle transformation first you’ll see that everything here is is completely lit up it’s glowing right but when you charge it it also changes so when you charge it everything kind of goes inwards this is super cool and at the same time it’s also an indicator a turn signal so when you want to turn all you got to do is press the button and there it is there’s your indicator i thought i had cool rims and then you see this thing my rims .

Look a a little plastic hubcap next to this so the inspiration for this is also from the movie avatar it’s from the seeds of the tree of souls and i’ll be damned if it doesn’t look exactly the seeds of the tree of souls i mean that is literally it you’ll also see .

Thatthese don’t look normal wheels they’re actually spheres and each one of these wheels can turn about 30 degrees and . Theycan each drive separately so what you get is you can drive in different unique ways this thing can literally drive sideways it can drive diagonally obviously in the front what you have is the mercedesbenz logo getting closer right what you’ll see is that you have all these little individual lights that is super cool i mean that that looks the future all right let’s go around .

Theside you have . Theglass doors we’ll . Openthem in just a second because first i want to show you the back this is my favorite part of the car what you have are 33 scales mercedes calls these bionic flaps and what they do is they move look at that so now they’ve all turned red .