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Best Supra Drift Wallpaper With 4 Pictures

in southern and we’re gonna run our 2020 drift supra for the first time it’s really exciting because we spent so many months working on this car and it’s finally finished so let’s get to the track and get testing before we were able to get onto the track we had to finish the car’s body the body panels basically come from three places we’ve got the factory toyota . Componentwhich are the front and . Rearbumpers a carbonfiber hood from saipan and then rocket bunny makes the over . Fenderkit that’s all made out of .

Fiberglassso these kits don’t come with any kind of instructions you just hope that they fit well and if they don’t fit particularly perfect then you have to deal with massaging it to make it fit as well as you can after putting . Thehood on we decided to keep the factory hood struts . Thatkeep the hood up once you open it it makes it a lot easier when you work on the car we then mounted the front bumper and . Alot of the front bumper mounting places . Arejust gone now because we removed a lot of them so there’s a lot of brackets that we had to make the hold of the front bumper and the fenders but first what we wanted to do is see how the body kit fits in the car so we placed the body panels as close to where we thought they were gonna live and then started taping everything on and it doesn’t hold it very . Wellin position but at least we know what . Wehave to work with once we were confident that we can .

Makethe body kit work we .

Startedtrimming the components the rear of the car .

Wecut up so much that we’re gonna have to replace the . Rearquarter panel the reason we do this .

Isbecause these cars get hit a lot . Inthe front and also in the rear in the rear of the car especially there’s a lot of the .

Unibodyback . Therethat if he gets hit it’s really hard to fix at the track so what we do is we basically cut off all of the areas that the rules allow us to cut . Offand then we take another quarter panel from a part that .

Weget from the toyota dealer when your car gets hit . Fromthe side and they need to . Repairit the body shops can .

Orderthese whole quarter panel rocker a pillar kits that’s what we ordered was this whole side of a car essentially but just a sheet .

Metalafter deciding how much . Ofit we needed shaun witten . Backand then cut off just the part that we were gonna use and then we started installing that on the car and the . Coolthing about this is these parts can be replaced relatively easily at our shop and we don’t have to unweld things and take them to the body shop and get stuff pulled we can just drill out the rivets and however we installed this quarter panel on top of the factory car and we can replace that relatively easily we’ve built the last couple cars this way and it’s worked out really well for us once shawn cut just the part that we wanted out of the side of the car we set it on there and tried to figure out exactly how we were going to . Mountit what we decided was to keep this top lip that wraps around the cpillar on the car that way it located it relatively well and it had something to hold it up now you can see that area where it . Fillsin you can see how that whole back corner is replaceable we can replace the fiberglass over . Fenderand we can also replace relatively easily the rear quarter panel what’s worked well for us for mock up on body kits and parts are these tools called clecos and they’re essentially a temporary rivet so you drill an eighth inch hole and then the klique owes .

Gointo that hole and hold your panels together and since the car is gonna be totally wrapped after we’re fine putting some eighth inch holes in the car and then once you wrap the car you’ll never see those small little holes but we’ve even done it in parts that were eventually gonna be painted and what we’ll do is we’ll weld up . Thoselittle holes sand them smooth and then once you paint over it you .

Neverknew that somebody had drilled a hole in that panel so shawn use a little technique there where he turns the drill in . Reverseand .

Itcreates a little dimple so when you turn it . Backclockwise the drill bit doesn’t want to walk after we had the body kit installed alex starts doing the wrap he just wraps right over all of these multicolor panels and sometimes the wraps are one big wrap that you put on the car but this one because we have matte black finish and then the glossy yellow it actually has to be applied in several layers so what alex does .

Ishe looks at the picture of our livery our design and then he starts masking off where . Thedifferent lines are gonna be installs the different layers of wrap and then hand cuts them for all the lines in the design and again this is another way that we’re able to continue to repair the car at our shop and not need a body shop so once we had the car totally wrapped we put it in our unmarked trailer and then headed up to willow springs to do some testing right when we got to the track shawn noticed that the brake pedal felt a little spongy pulling out of the trailer and we found that one of the banjo fittings the brake line . Fittingsinto the caliper . Wasleaking a little bit so he fixed that leak and then re bled the front brakes . Ifyou look close you can see the front lip spoiler that wasn’t on there earlier when we were showing the . Mockupof the . Bodykit so now this is the full body kit installed with all the decals we also use these hood latches from . Acompany called arrow catch .

They’renice because they’re lowprofile and there’s no pin or anything that to lose it’s all integrated into one system that lives on the hood there’s another thing that we noticed as shawn was playing the car out of the trailer was that he wanted to . Changethe clutch adjustment a little bit there’s a stop on the firewall and we just adjusted that stop a little bit so the clutch engagement would have a little bit more play in the bottom first laps this brand new build you guys and. we always have a fire extinguisher with us whenever the car is running just in case so we made a list of what we wanted to achieve at this first test day and it’s just going around the track making sure the car feels okay we bring it in we . Makesure that everything you know still bolted on and sounds okay and then we slowly start stepping up on the performance each .

Timewe bring the car back out for the first few laps of testing we’re . Justmaking sure the car stops steers and everything feels okay for the driver freddie will start getting on the throttle harder and then on the brakes harder and then start steering a harder lap after lap until we do .

Aboutthree or four laps then he’ll bring it in we’ll have a talk with him do a visual on the car and make sure that everything’s still sound . . Ireally how the car turned out in the look of it especially the back of it i really .