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Favorite Gt350 Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

of pro races take tonight under the sunset at ncm motorsports park yeah ford. mustang shelby gt350 and the ford mustang shelby gt350r i have been wanting to get these cars on track for a long time i’m really looking forward to . Thisone the gt 350 and the aw come with. the same engine horsepower 526 horsepower 429 pounds feet of torque what’s interesting about these engines is both of them come from the romeo niche line that’s the romeo engine plant and it’s a niche line that .

Doessome of those motorsports stuff they’ve done a heck of a job with these engines i want to talk a little bit about suspension differences they’re not a whole lot but they are there the gt 350 or is a little bit stiffer than the gt 350 about eight percent stiffer in the rear and ten percent stiffer in the front there’s about a hundred pound weight difference between the cars .

Andalso the ore comes with a stickier version of the cup two tire and that’s about the only different suspension wise is the eight and ten percent we want to talk a little bit about the brake . Systemsthey’re the same on both cars fifteen and a half inch rotor on the front with a six piston brembo caliper and a 15inch four piston caliper brembo again on the rif also on the tire aspects you’ve got slightly different tires the gt 350 has a two .

Nine. Fivethirty five on the .

Frontand the . Thear has a 305 thirty on its front .

Therears are 305 on. the gt and 315 on the are an interesting. quick point about the gt 350 or is it’s a little bit lower than the gt 350 most of that comes from the fact that it has the thirty aspect ratio tires on it another thing about the gt350r is it’s about a hundred pounds lighter overall than the gt 350 the carbon fiber wheels are about sixty pounds of that these wheels are actually a little bit wider than the gt threefifty these are 11 inch on the front width and 11 and 1/2 on the back and the gt350 is 1/2 an inch . Narroweron each end i want to spend a little bit of time on aerodynamics because both these cars produce aero the gt350 yards you can see has a quite a large splitter compared to the gt350 and it also has a 20 millimeter lower ride height it takes advantage of the right height with the splitter and has a little more downforce in the front so going to the rear here at the .