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Best Mcqueen Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

lightning yeah, lightning’s ready. (engine revving) ♪ i’m american made ♪ ♪ budlight, chevrolet ♪ ♪ my mama taught me wrong from right ♪ ♪ i was born in the south ♪ ♪ sometimes i have a big mouth . ♪♪ when i see something that i don’t ♪ (engine revving) ♪ i gotta say it ♪ (thrilling instrumental ) bob wait a second, darrell. mcqueen is in the wreckage. darrell there’s no way the rookie can make it through. not in one piece, that is. (tires screeching) (exciting . Instrumental) (soft instrumental ) twins lightning. (squealing) (engine revving) darrell look at that. mcqueen made it through. bob yeah, and a spectacular move by lightning . Mcqueen. yeah, kachow. (metal scraping) king’s coach mcqueen’s blown a tire. mcqueen’s blown . Atire. go, go, go, go. (metal scraping) (engines revving) (dramatic instrumental ) (tire popping) darrell he’s lost another tire. the king and chick are coming up fast. bob they’re entering turn3. come on. (grunts) (cars revving) i don’t believe what i’m watching, bob. lightning mcqueen is 100 feet from his piston cup. (grunting) (metal scraping) (engines revving) bob the king and chick rounding turn4. (engines revving) . (metalsqueaking) darrell down the stretch they come. finish, finish. (cars whooshing) (tape rewinding) (uplifting instrumental ) (majestic instrumental ) (gentle instrumental ) . (laughing)(groaning) (spitting) bob this is it. we’re heading into the final lap and mcqueen is right behind the leaders. what a comeback. 199 laps and baby, it all comes down to this. this is it, kiddo. you got four turns left. one at a time. drive it in deep and hope it sticks, go. (engine revving) . (grunting) bob mcqueen’s going inside. (thudding) (tires screeching) chick and the king are loose. darrell i think mcqueen is out of the race. (dirt scraping) (soft inspirational ) (engine revving) mcqueen saved it. bob he’s back on the track. (crashing) oh no. (engine revving softly) (soft somber instrumental ) (brakes screeching) (whooshing) yeah, .

Woohoo,i won, baby, .

Yeah. flo what’s he up to, doc? (engine revving softly) (grunting softly) what are you doing, kid? i think the king should finish his last race. you just gave up the piston cup, you know that? this grumpy old racecar i know once told me something. it’s just an empty cup. (inspirational ) bob darrell, is pushing on the last lap legal? hey, man, he’s not really pushing him. . He’sjust giving him a little bump draft. . woohoo, hey, what? what’s going on? that’s what .