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grew up racing that sort of thing yeah yeah and when i built this car i i kind of wanted i tried my hardest to uh implement some of those ideas into it such as handling performance that sort of thing yeah we did a good job because it handles very nicely he’s got just the right amount of power when you can use all the power all the time yeah you want to be able to use every . Bitof power and to me it makes them you know they’re just saying it’s it’s more fun to drive a slow car faster right welcome the episode of jay leno’s garage you know . Thefirst vehicle i ever got was a 1934 ford pickup truck got was 14 years old with my dad we got it running and i drove it the second vehicle i got my first real sports car was a datsun 1600 roadster i believe it was a 66 6566 it was yellow fourspeed 1600 i. loved that thing uh they were just great cars so this is one of those and i to think maybe this is what what i might have done with mine if i still had it now 50 something years later so it’s kind of cool to see this belongs to a young gentleman mike spagnoli mike come on in i know mike through his dad and he told me .

Aboutthis car so let’s get it on the show obviously heavily modified what have you done to it so this car started as a uh just basically a bare shell i bought the car for six hundred dollars and uh started an engine for six hundred . Dollarsit had a block it didn’t have a head it had i think one seat in it it was it was pretty you know desolate when i picked it up now how bad was . Thebody because i know i have a honda 600 .

Fromthe same period and japanese steel at that time was just terrible because it’s all about it we had to cut all new metal in here did you have to add a lot of new metal to it there was a couple spots on the floor pane right that um i had to go through and repair but i got really lucky with this car um and it was you know pretty strong and pretty straight so it was a great platform to kind of do a build off of okay obviously the wheelbase is the same right that’s all stock it’s a flare as it kind of throw me because it makes it look bigger than .