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original uh it’s about 60 grand right now yeah i feel i feel i stole it from that guy laughter what’s up guys javier from that racing welcome back to another episode today we’re featuring jordan’s rx7 but it’s not your ordinary rx7 it’s been swapped with a 2jz it makes 1200 wheel horsepower this is going to be sick let’s go check it out me jordan what’s up my man what’s up brother thanks for coming out no problem this thing is .

Beautifulthanks so uh give us a quick rundown on on the basic setup sure so it’s a 32 built by vijay ram cassoon so rest in peace uh vj we miss you uh sxe . 76millimeter turbo um cams you know head work stuff uh and that you know pretty straightforward t56 nice makes 12 uh just just under 12 11.93 to the wheels on on all of it man that is a lot of power for this chassis these things .

Thisthing’s surprisingly quiet that’s the idea what uh what exhaust . Umtypically typically you hear a stroker 2j and they’re . real loud yeah rowdy no this is a it’s a three inch exhaust a ready you know fd spec exhaust um but i have a cutout right at the end of the downpipe so four inch right there yeah yes and that three inches is pretty restrictive yeah oh yeah it’s worth about 100 horse loss we proved that on the dyno pretty fast which but it wasn’t a surprise i wanted it to be quiet and when i want to get it you know go down and just open the . Cutout nice open the cutout . Let’shear oh yeah that sounds good all right guys so we could we couldn’t tease . Thethe nice black super in the background and not give you a quick rundown on it what’s up roger .

Heyman great to see you man yeah man you been good good good so uh it’s nice to finally see the black beast on the cool . We’vebeen a while it’s it’s been a while since we’ve seen it and we’ve seen this car i mean i want to feel . it’s we’ve been seeing it for the past 10 years and it makes stupid power it’s so clean go ahead .

Andpop the hood for us and give us a rundown would you look at that what’s nice turbo is that so it’s an 8896 t6 . Bwobviously that’s .

Athat’s a. big asset and it’s on a divided uh phr manifold that um .