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Top 12 Nice Pictures Ford Sierra Wallpaper

is if a farm owner or you have access to a farm you’ve got lots of space surplus space and you can kind of leave stuff lying around or bury stuff or park things and not really go back to them and that’s what’s happened in this . Instancethat there is a chicken shed partially collapsed as you can see and in there is a car that was parked in there by a chap called richard about . 20years ago and he wasn’t really expecting to to leave it in .

Therequite so long and times past he sort of forgot he had it . Buttoday we’re going to hopefully dig it out now that car back in the 80s and the 90s wasn’t particularly . Rareit’s a ford sierra no it’s not a cosworth but it is actually a very rare car sierras were everywhere and now seemingly nowhere we’re going to go and pull this stuff out .

We’vebrought some machines with us and i can’t wait .

Todo it we never really know what state the car’s in and in this case it’s completely buried and we’ve got to pull an enormous amount of other stuff out i’m going to go and meet richard and this is a genuine barn find . Episodeof the late break . Showapplause so richard uh firstly thank you for contacting me on the off chance . Thati might be interested in a sierra in a shed this is a chicken shed or . Wasit it wasn’t a chicken . Yeahyeah it was a chicken so what’s the story i come .

Ini can’t see the car it’s in there right . Yesit’s buried in there behind all that junk and yeah it’s been in there 20 years and it was it was used it was used as a family car for a couple of years and then literally um my brotherinlaw had borrowed it for six months or so and um after that it uh stayed here and that was that um so it got covered up and put away so the car in question is .

Asierra gls 2.9 4×4 that’s right yeah so it’s a it was a sort of topspec noncosworth nonsport yes it’s basically family car yeah it’s a it’s just a ford of gear but with a 4×4 system which made the whole thing real fancy yeah nice luxury car .

Yeahyeah yeah so yeah i mean i haven’t seen it for yeah 20 years old so i have . Noidea what uh what conditions it is yeah you haven’t looked because i haven’t looked .

Iknow it’s on the .