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Top 8 Good View Fc3s Wallpaper

doing what’s up this. episode eight and we’re gonna be out of. notes and stuff on to make this real sick dave’s mocking up the oil cooler right now or i guess is getting a . Generalidea where they’re gonna go but tonight we have our nice small but. very big list and it’s probably only. gonna get bigger as the night gets on so we’re gonna start off doing a bumper mount got some nice flat stock and when. we get cracking . Atit check it out so we can do the bumper mount right now i’m gonna cut this then put this here after. you put the frame over back on so you can see where it wants to live . Tackit in take the front bumper off and then make sure it’s all square give it a . Betterwell beam and then drill some holes put some tens in it and then. that’ll be a moment that’s we’re gonna do right now they left me here i’m. holding this bar right here for the bump one in left media redis got trip and look at the master bedroom chakra no my fault . Betweenthe go in the closet meets up . Reallynice and to me it’s really hard to get that . Lineback i mean with you know my bench asses rusted and they’re old but i got it back somehow. that’s not bad . Sohere’s the bracket the structure i. bracket and .

Then. Onetwo . Threehardware’s and then going anywhere and. mind you that’s just acting right now i’ll probably add inch welds separated. just add some strength but i’m not gonna burn the whole length in that’s what about two feet little over so that’s . Whatwe’re gonna do when i pull the friend off and i well the whole team solid together but for now we’re moving on to what’s next on it is dave what are you wanna do you want to . Doa headlight braces yeah i feel that’s gonna be more than g bhindi all right so we’re gonna make the headlight braces right now applause . applause . applause . applause . applause so we got the headlight bracket mounted up along with the mounting tabs and uh. you know yeah they’re not gonna go. anywhere all right so headlight brackets are welded in this side and that side is. done and they’re pretty strong i thought i was gonna add a brace but i didn’t need to so right now what we’re gonna do is i can put a nifty idea we’re gonna see if it works if not then we’re gonna have .