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introduced the first digital side view monitors in 2018. similar to their traditional counterparts these monitors provide views of the rear left and right of the car un a pair of typical mirrors however they are all digital the system works by using cameras to replace conventional side view mirrors when driver engages the reverse gear or uses turn indicators the camera automatically delivers extended view that eliminates blind spot and therefore helps driver make safer maneuvers visibility at night also is much better compared . Toactual mirrors. huddly wireless in case your car doesn’t. have such a futuristic display projected onto the windscreen and you are craving for the technology but the budget is just not there yet the hudley wireless can be the answer started as . Kickstarterin indiegogo campaigns hudley wireless is a standalone device that can wirelessly connect to . Yoursmartphone and mirror whatever image on the screen the idea is to let you see navigational app on your windscreen so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road but the system also allows you to project other contents including photos and s carried someone mentioned multitools one thing that comes across your mind is a leather man or anything popularly known as a swiss army knife there is another type of multitool strong enough to crack open a car window it is called carried this multitool is actually pretty big but it has to be that way because there is an 8 000 milliamp hour battery inside powerful enough to jump start your car. as .

Longas it has at least 50 of charge left car 8 can revive struggling cars battery in seconds since this is a multitool you have other things concealed neatly into the solid metal cylindrical shape including a hammer seat belt cutter sos flasher compass burglar alarm usb charger and of course a 755 feet. flashlight autovox solar wireless backup camera autovox is the world’s first smart parking device even if your car is not . Solarpowered . Atleast the backup camera inside is .

Itcan be installed easily with the use of only two security screws with no need for wiring and automatically launches when it senses . Yourcar backing up to prevent any accidents the solar wireless backup camera from autovox comes .

Equippedwith a 2800 milliamp hour battery which . Willautomatically recharge each time it is exposed to direct sunlight. the kit comes with a fiveinch monitor suction cup . Chargercables remote control and user manual in addition to the camera . Itself.road viva pro usb ports attached to your car 12 volt power outlet have never been truly .