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Top 10 Images Renault Megane Rs Wallpaper

of hatches cars such as the new golf gti club sport the frantic mini jcw gp the feted toyota gr yaris and the front wheel drive bmw 128 ti so i thought we should . Have. Aquick catch up with one of the benchmarks of the genre the renault sport mcgann because although we’ve tested this in the past it’s had a bit of a refresh this is the megan rs 300 so it’s now up to 296 brake horsepower up from 280ps to 300ps and at 310 pounds .

Forthe. torque which is actually an even bigger uplift than before and although it might not look particularly new these days it’s actually well worth considering this i feel . all of these cars are sort of basically what to buy if you don’t the look of the . Civic. Typer because that undoubtedly is the best car to drive in the class but well those looks by comparison the began is something of a shrinking violet yes the front has some bold elements with the enormous renault badge and the jazzy fog lights but in . Truerenault sport fashion the arrow the rear is focused on a big diffuser rather than more obvious protrusions from the roof overall i think it has . Acertain muscular presence without being overtly . Attentiongrabbing applause because this has got the normal sport chassis rather than the cup chassis it’s actually the ride is pretty good um .

Everyday it’s it’s kind of it’s obviously busy it’s what you’d expect for a hot hatch but it deals really nicely with uk roads my criticism of the cup chassis before was that it was just too busy too stiff and this rectifies that it does come . Withits downsides .

Butwe’ll get on to those in a minute elsewhere when you’re driving around normally it’s well pretty ordinary fairly dull what you’d .

Wantfrom a standard hatchback to be honest .

Perhapsthe biggest downside to the mcgann is well the interior it’s not terrible but it’s definitely a step down from others in the class things the goal for the new bmw 128 ti which just have that sort of bit more premium feel to them stuff in here that well the plastics can feel . Abit scratchy sort of certainly some stuff over here or this gear selector just feels . Verythin to be honest the infotainment again the screen it looks quite nice in this big portrait format here but it’s not the most responsive but what about the important bits for a hot hatch well that happens when . Youpress the rs drive down here and that brings .