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Top 10 Golf R Wallpaper

r done a bunch of s on this car in the winter we’ve driven a dsg in the snow on winter tires this is a sixspeed manual car and i have two questions that i want answered about this today one how’s the manual what’s it to drive what i’d pick it over the dsg and two what’s this on a proper set of sticky summer tires we’re on bridgestone potenza s005s and 235 35 r19s. um should be a pretty sticky setup we’ve got the trick limited slip .

Reardifferential in this new golf r uh brake a torque vectoring by brake front open differential so the rear can send power individually from side to side which is pretty cool and the front is going to kind of do what it’s . Alwaysdone with this haldex system so pretty cool stuff same allwheel drive system or similar to what we get in the new rs3 we drove the s3 recently and i. absolutely loved that car for just its interior quality and uh the way it felt and drove let’s get back into this golf r see what it’s on . Theroad and yeah we’ll talk a little bit more about the driving experience today so of course the biggest update for the golf r is that this interior is completely changed volkswagen has gotten rid of all the buttons everything is controlled through this infotainment screen we have wireless carplay and android auto after living with . Itwith multiple vehicles it’s still a little bit annoying but you do get used to it over time gone are all the buttons we have a lot of haptic controls but i think this is a nice drivers spec for the golf r i actually really this six speed manual the manual wasn’t my favorite option in previous golf r’s but i think in this new one this might be my favorite uh we’ll take it on the road . Showyou guys . Whatit’s let’s just do a quick walk around here for old time’s sake got a little center console area there a cup holder a pretty familiar looking interior honestly i mean the packaging for .

Thegolf really hasn’t changed in a very . Longtime love this . Newspoiler looks pretty aggressive nice quad exhaust tips coming out of the rear just mildly updated styling for the 22 model year the front end is pretty different got this .

Lightbar across the front i think that looks pretty cool volkswagen logo is really well integrated . Intothe safety .

Systemsand sensors let’s pop the hood look at this two liter turbocharged fourcylinder this .