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Best 9 C5 Corvette Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

1999 want to take a few minutes to thank the people that helped me with my racing program the companies that helped me out i’ve been racing for about nine years in a variety of corvettes this is my third one and i’ve . Hadthis . Forabout . Fouryears i mention is the 99 corvette it’s got a 427 ls7 block in it heads are the chevy performance lsx heads they’re built by dave thornton at dnf performance in berlin new jersey the valvetrain is a custom brian dooley camshaft from brian thule racing along with .

Hisvalve springs and lifters the engine is built with a high compression engine it’s a 14 and a half to 1 compression ratio runs on e85 is tuned by ed hutchings of hitech tuning using the hp tuners software we’ve had a best of 960 today . We’rehoping to get down a little bit lower we’re here at maryland international raceway in . Anice cool november day except it’s a little warm the converter is a tci converter and it goes through a custombuilt turbo 400 .

Witha c6 differential with 373 gears the . Transmissionand the differential were built tommy michael kowski of anger management racing up in new jersey as well i typically race a taco raceway i’ve embraced said cecil county drag way as well as maple grove raceway in their 1000 index programs i also raised with the nmc a in their . Chevrolet. Performancechallenge series we travel the circuit all four .

Racesrunning their street king class also at a 1000 index so thank you very much for taking your time and thank you to steven for the racing bids and check them out online thank you .

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