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Favorite 9 G Wagon Black Wallpaper Good Looking

it is the g900 brabus rocket edition wow guys look at this in today’s i will be doing a full walk around of this showing you all the exterior highlights afterwards jump inside show you the interior and later on also drive it so let me talk about this car in specific here we have the allnew g900 brabus rocket edition as braavos has launched the gt 900 rocket back in the days today it’s time for a new rocket edition this is based . Onthe g63 what braavos has done is they have worked on the performance of this replacing the displacement of the engine from a 4.0 to a 4.5 as they also did with the gt900 rocket pushing it up to 900 brake horsepower 1250 newton meter of torque also they have worked . Onthe entire body the exterior has been fully changed and modified by bravos as well as the . Interiorso before we . Continuewith the guys it’s time to finally give you something .

Backit’s been a great journey so far so we’ve teamed up with bravos and they’ve given us .

Alot of things from the new bravo’s merch guys if you want to win a hoodie a tshirt a cab make sure to to this youtube this and leave a comment with hashtag team brabos and i will be picking a lot of winners who will be winning one of these tshirts hoodies in cabs if you want to check out the brabus merch link is in my bio a great quality awesome products love the designs check him out guys now let’s get back to the so let’s just get right into it the exterior color is the same as we had with the brabus rocket back in the days it’s stealth gray and looks so beautiful i love this and start with the walk around starting with the front here we have the g900 rocket edition guys start talking about the headlights here we have g specific nike package headlights the normal . Onesmulti beam continuing here with the grill you can see we have this gorgeous looking rocket edition bravo’s front grille based on the socalled panamericana amg grill full finished in black we have . Thenice looking carbon fiber grille frame also with the nice intake seal on the bonnet you can see the brabus g specific bonnet extension looking very nice full finished in gloss carbon fiber as you have a closer look you can see the additional brabus parts the additional brabus lights also here front lip we . Haveanother light we have the rocket edition specific front .

Lipwhich looks amazing and full carbon fiber finish plus the red . Detailshere with the flaps giving this car .

Avery very nice look guys how do you the front it looks super super brutal let’s continue with . Thesides and you might be wondering is it as wide as the normal g800 and yes it is but as you can see here with the . Whitebody kit the carbon fiber part here on the side with the wide body kit is way lower as you can see which makes this car look also lower you see that but it is not lowered all in all looks amazing . Especiallywith the nice stealth gray exterior paint and all the carbon fiber parts it’s super nice and matching let’s just continue on the rocket specific rims guys here we have the platinum edition mono block 24 inches plus we have the nice carbon fiber aero discs continuing here with the side we have a lot more brabus emblems here as well as over here the buy topo 900 badge the rocket the side mirrors also finished in carbon fiber also a very nice detail about this car the exhaust it’s completely modified as you can see we have a full carbon fiber exhaust cover and as you have a closer look .

Hereyou have . Redleds inside integrated in the exhaust guys look at this imagine driving this in the night it looks super super nice i’ll see with the bravo’s emblem i love the way this looks let’s just move to the rear and let me give you a closer look on this and here we have it guys. something you can instantly spot is the rear spoiler you see that wow it looks so close . Towhat we have already seen with the .

Gt900rocket. very very . Niceflaps here on the side full finished in red . Ontop all finished in carbon fiber then we have instead of the spare . Wheeland the spare wheel cover we have this brabus carbon fiber cover we have the bravo’s badges here full finished in black the background’s red also over here the 900 rocket edition badge i love the way this looks and the diffuser guys look at this again with the flaps on the side full finished in carbon fiber looking extremely sporty .

Soguys how do you the new g900 rocket exterior leave it all in the comment section below before i continue with the interior let me show you the key of this car and here we have it guys the normal . Mercedesamg key .

Onthe back we also have the bravo’s patch .