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Best 9 Mercedes Gls Wallpaper Good Looking

the sclass of suvs but is it really well i’m gonna try and find out in this by driving it on road yeah taking it offroad wow seeing how spacious it is well we are trying out its technology yes it’s working taking it to the . Carwashusing it to park a big. trailer no take making it dance new ha. and of course poking it with a stick we have some real exhaust in there now guys make sure you .

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This so you don’t miss any of our . Reviewsand hit that . Bellicon so you’re alerted when we make a new for a change i’m gonna start this review by taking the new mercedes gls offroad so this one is fitted with the upgraded offroad packs i’ve got some underbody protection i’ve also got a low range mode i’m about to go down a steep descent i’m actually gonna use low range mode for this but why i’m gonna do is put the car into offroad plus mode i’m also going to raise up the air suspension and i can actually start a little game that is built into the cause infotainment system which will basically grade my ability to drive offroad so start that up . Sowe’ve got held it in control and it’s slowing the car down now as standard this model comes with air suspension then you can . Upgradeit with something called e active body control and it’s a . Bit what you had in the sclass where it can monitor .

Theroad ahead and it uses a camera just a bit to do that and sensors in the body as well to know what the wheels are doing and it can alter . Eachwheel individually and it figures out well ok. closes and bushes so the car figures out what to do with the suspension to . Maximizetraction at each wheel what is remarkable is how comfy this is not only. when you’re offroading you’re getting shaken around this but because you’ve got that system fitted to the car it’s working out what to do with the suspension that it’s just leveling it off and . Basicallyjust walking me a bit a cat tearing this steep hill now i’m getting some comments here on the screen saying do not break when distinct control is operational so i can just let the car do it i was feathering the . Brakes.

Soi’ll stop that do as i’m told apparently the best any journalist has done down here is 70 points and i’m on 28 that’s a way to go so i’m being told. now to .