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there were actually no sorry wait what are you protesting the new c63 they’re getting rid of the v8 it’s going to be a four cylinder plugin hybrid apparently okay okay first of all we don’t know if that’s . Evena . Badthing yet because it could have more power be more efficient all the other things we don’t even know if it’s true also you the 53 motor the mild hybrid one the cls that we do i do so so what do you what are you v8 okay wait just i brought a w204 yeah when the 63 actually meant something for us to drive today so you can get your v8 fix for now so maybe maybe just put the sign maybe put the sign down you know we can all right you’re watching throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james and today’s old versus new is featuring two c63 amgs. and yes for . Betteror worse these are ly to be the last v8 c63s we ever see in this older one from .

2013is from the w204 generation an era where the little number on the side of the c63s meant something or at least it would if the previous owner of . Thisone didn’t debadge it but no matter the point is under the hood is a 6.2 liter thunderstorm of 8 cylinders and this c63 has the performance package plus so that means along with beefier engine internals it makes 481 horsepower and 443 poundfeet of torque in canada that includes the aggressive rear lsd and more powerful brakes among other things and yes i said 6.2 not 6.3 liters that’s because it was named as an homage to the original .

M1006.3 liter v8 from the 60s 70s and 80s but the point is is that this third gen is a proper bellowing amg v8 sports coupe and it’s here to show its . Youngerbrother what’s what and a massive thank you to neil and . Theteam at apex motor cars here in toronto for letting us test it today now . Forthe small matter of seventy thousand dollars more you could have yourself a brand new c63 s dressed to the nines in nearly all of the possible .

Optionsthis 2020 biturbo v8 batmobile runnerup is more powerful more aggressive and has a little . Bitmore junk in . Itstrunk weighing in at 3 900 pounds so what’s happened in seven years other than it just eating some cake how much better has .

Thec63 actually become and has it rendered the older one a deal or a dud let’s find out. and if you’re new to throttle .