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including apple and android auto plus tesla has stopped taking new orders on one of their hottest cars and that trend might continue with some more models to come very soon so if you’re going to order a tesla if you’re thinking about it you’re going to want to order asap and tesla is about to make one big change very soon that will change the eevee industry and all cars forever no click bait no lies here when tesla makes this change it’s going to be really good for tesla owners and also really bad so let me tell you what that change is all the latest developments in the wild world of tesla and basically break down all the tesla news you need to know about so sit back relax let me tell you everything you need to know that happened the past few days in the everchanging crazy tesla world also a huge thanks to into the am for sponsoring this they make some .

Beautifulhigh quality apparel that looks great feels great you’re . Gonnalove it more all that in a bit now the past few weeks have . Beensort of interesting in the tesla world because there’s been a lot going on and also nothing going on at the same time sounds kind of crazy to say but we get these bursts of tesla news one day we get .

Multiplestories then nothing seems . To. Happenso i do have some interesting things to talk about but also in the grand scheme . Oftesla news things have been very quiet quiet on the software update front quiet on . Thegiga texas front for example we still .

Don’tknow any new news on the standard range model y that made sort of its unofficial debut last month at the launch of giga texas this again is the lower range .

Dualmotor . Cheapermodel y that i think . Isgoing to be a great option when it actually launches but as of right now it’s still sort of stuck in limbo of being off menu and available to just tesla employees only as of right now we’ve also been seeing increased activity at gigatexas dozens of cars are being rolled outside and loaded onto carriers but we don’t know specifically what the . Specof cars are we don’t know where they’re going and we don’t know who they’re going for we’ve seen a number of sort of these spy shots lately of people sort of seeing these cars around texas but it seems at this point production sort of is still in the ramping up stage and it seems . these cars might just be going to employees as of right now maybe it’s a mix of standard range model wise and performance model wise but it’s really unclear right . Nowwhat uh gigatex is doing and when these cars are going to go out to the general public so if you order a model y right now depending of course in your delivery date there’s a good chance it’s going to be a fremont made model y and not a gigatexas . Mainmodel y of course everyone wants the giga texas model y because that’s going to have the 4680 battery pack it’s gonna have the amd ryzen processor all the sort of latest and greatest accoutrements for the model y so of course depending on your delivery date if it’s sooner than later probably going .

Tobe a fremont made car but maybe if it’s toward the end of the year into 2023 then we probably will see more cars being at a gig of texas and maybe you’ll have your chance of getting a texasmade model .

Yand speaking of course of delivery .

Datesi’ve got some bad news for anyone who’s looking to put an order in for an all new tesla and i guess my little piece of advice here is do it soon do it right now because you might not be able to do it today tomorrow or even in the next hour or so because uh things are about to change before we continue . With. Moretesla news i want to take a quick break and talk about this awesome shirt you guys have seen some really cool shirts on me lately with some cool designs let me tell you they are as comfortable as they look i love my apparel here and of course if you see me wearing a shirt there’s a really good chance 99 that is made by this ‘s sponsor into the air and i love into the am for many good reasons including the fact that .

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