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7 Good View Wallpaper Mobil Civic Good Looking

now vehicle is a 2015 honda civic and to be honest guys this thing is an absolute mess on the inside all right just before i show you the complete disaster inside here’s what the exterior is looking . Andhonestly it’s not . Allthat bad except . Forup on the front end where there is some serious carnage from all the dead bugs so that’s definitely going to take some effort to get cleaned up but moving inside and this . Iswhere most of the work . Willbe as besides all the dirt dust and debris all around the vehicle these seats are . Someof the . Nastiesti’ve ever seen every single one is seriously stained and truly hard to even look at but if that’s not enough the door handles are full of all kinds of gross stuff and the fabric trim on the doors are super stained too but just before we dive into this epic detail take a second and make sure you’re d to the and turn .

Thebell on too so you’ll never miss out on a future alright guys well you have seen the car you’ve seen just how bad .

Thosestains are so sit back relax and enjoy seeing . Thiscar get completely transformed all right so getting started with the pressure washer here and since the exterior isn’t super dirty i can get through this step a little . Quickertoday but for those of you who have been d for a while you’d know this is the . Firsthonda i’ve had on the in well over a year and it’s the first manual .

Transmissionvehicle too so this should answer the question i get asked all the time .

Aboutwhether all . Thevehicles in canada are automatics or not there’s still a few manuals out there. now three . Weeksin a row here and i’m dealing with carpeted wheel well liners again and it never ceases to amaze me at how much dirt these things are capable of holding onto it’s a neverending fountain of . Mudpouring out of there moving up to the front and just last week’s vehicle these bug guts have ly .

Beenon the car .

Atleast all summer so they’re super stuck on although the pressure washer is able to cut through some of them so that’s definitely nice to see. so all right so for the remaining bug guts i’m spraying on some adam’s bug remover . Andwhat this is going to do is safely start to break down and dissolve bugs meaning i won’t need to . Usenear as much effort to .