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Best 8 Good View Nissan Skyline Fast And Furious Wallpaper

at that. the paltry sum of 300,000 euro will get you paul walker’s gtr from the fourth film in the film series. no joke! hey, helli. hi, det. is it snappy? oh yeah! you should kneel . Before. It!where’d it come from? america, . Directfrom universal pictures. and here’s the proof: the original rental agreement from hollywood. do you have contacts there? a friend of paul walker’s. you guys hang out, or what? no, they. paul walker requested this car for the 4th film. with the rims, just the way it is. . With.

Thecomputer inside. this the original film car. there were 8 stunt cars. this is the undamaged, original car. seven were destroyed, and this one survived? everybody knows how a skyline looks, but this. this version right here, can’t be bought. it’s one of a kind. the movie star was built just for the 4th film. a body kit with bumper and side skirts, lowered suspension and a racing brake system were added. it’s not exactly a stunner. but the .

Gtr’sprice blew det away. the seller’s asking a whopping .

300,000euro. i think 300,000 is a joke. the guy must’ve forgotten . Totake his meds. but you have to keep in . Mind:even if that thing cost 100, you get to meet paul walker too. and if you’re some crazy fan, then you don’t give a shit. you pay whatever you have to. if you can rustle up the cash, the car comes complete with a meet and greet package with the movie star. how much of the car is still original? of course it was pumped .

Upa bit, the motor especially. let’s peek under the hood. sure. what’s this? grp all the way? yeah, to shed some weight. then we’ve got a straightsix engine. twin turbo. check. and it’s got 542 hp. i wanna feel that! you’ll get your chance. . Andyou can boost it up to 1480 hp. by changing the manifold pressure. plus some other changes, but .

Onlythe experts know how to do it. fire it up. what’s that? it sounds . Arenault! rev it a few times. let’s . Seehow it sounds. come on, hit the gas. yes sir! that’s the sound we want. like a vacuum with 2.6 liter. time to get this baby on the road. my turn. let me in. gotta take her for a spin. oh, god. det has seen a lot in his day, and .

Hasdriven almost all the dream cars. but even for a seasoned pro, this nissan is no ordinary car. hallelujah! what’s going on here? 4,000 .

Rpm,and this baby’s rushing .