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Best 10 Jeep Srt Wallpaper

here at jerry om dodge jeep chrysler and ram in tampa florida and guess what we have it this is a 2020 jeep grand cherokee but the thing that makes it magical is the letters srt but. before we get into this great jeep grand cherokee let’s talk a little bit about what jeep and srt has going on so jeep known as that brand when i say jeep you think of the wrangler you think of that jeep that helped the gis win world war two now we have the gladiator which .

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Wranglerturned .

Intoa pickup truck but the suv segment of the. auto industry has really been a sweet spot for jeep especially because of the cherokee and the grand . Cherokeenow srt street and racing technology that is the arm of mopar that brought us cars . Theviper and the dodge demon here they are taking some of that muscle car magic and sprinkling it into this jeep grand cherokee known as the grand cherokee srt what are you gonna get you’re gonna get one of the baddest suvs on the market six point four liters of muscle car goodness underneath that hood and allwheel drive that’s gonna make sure that every 0 to 60 launch is gonna be an awesome awesome time one thing is for certain whether it’s performance on the outside or what’s going on the inside there are some very special touches with this great jeep grand cherokee srt so let’s go ahead dive into it and see if this truly is the ultimate muscle suv right off the bat love the styling this color stingray get it . Stainedgray perfect color fits the lines nicely now the actual jeep grand cherokee . Srtis a .

Littlebit wider than your standard grand cherokee love the headlight design now these are hids highintensity discharge . Headlightswith led daytime running lamps really nice the way it’s blacked out in on the interior and if you notice it extends off the front fascia just a little bit you can see how that fender flare builds off of the wide the whiteness of the front fascia into the fender and then . Thislower area you have a little bit of gloss black but you got functional vents and led lighting down below you do have some gloss black and if you’re wondering what is this design here this actually is a headlight washer so these pop out .

Andwill clean your headlights we get across that iconic seven vertical grille. something with jeep that goes back for .

Somany decades the old wives tale is this represents each of the seven continents .