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Favorite 7 Pictures E46 Wallpaper

along nicely but there is a huge problem with this car . now i first discovered this issue a couple of days back when i all of a sudden out of the blue felt a really harsh vibration . Comingfrom somewhere along the drivetrain now this issue is making the car undrivable and this was my daily and i’m having to daily the purple micro at the minute which is great but i am sorely missing this so i’m desperate to get it fixed so let’s get it in the unit but i got no maybe applause now for those of you who are maybe new to the and haven’t seen all of the s on the budget beamer we have done so . Muchto this car already i bought this car for 1 400 pounds in birmingham and the car was in a complete state pretty much everything was broken i could list probably all of the things that were working on one hand so we have done an extensive mount to this car so we have done a service fitted new brembo brakes fitted new wheels replaced the old broken . Reartrailing arm we have fitted a new windscreen replaced all of the interior fixed the speaker system done a taillight refurb and a second oil change we have got new badges new plates a new boot a new door we’ve added cup holders to the interior we have fixed the gear knob wobble issue and also fitted a new gear knob we have replaced the battery and finally we have fitted a hardtop and we still have so much to do now in the previous we put on these temporary wheels because the wheels that we had purchased were not in great condition and they needed a refurbishment desperately so we took them to a place called my alloys who are absolute legends . I’llleave their link in the description below .

Andlook at how they have transformed our wheels oh man i got a lot of gold stack that breathing vomit anything is possible. trying to get a lot of dirt to water obstacles cause anything is possible so yeah my alloys have completely smashed these wheels they look brand new and we have also fitted some new center caps as you . Cansee we will fit these wheels on today towards the end of the with these 15 millimeter spacers i’m hoping these will make our fitment ten times better now some of you may also remember that we sent off this driver’s seat to a leather upholsterer called gp customs to get the massive rip down this bolster fixed . Andas you can see you would never know that there was a rip there gdp customs are absolute legends they are wizards and we did put this seat in . Offcamera so um yeah it’s in now looking perfect job done now we have also fit these chrome grilles onto the car we did this a couple of days back and if you remember the old grills were were rubbish they were broken they didn’t look great so these were a . Muchneeded replacement now what we’re going to do is we are going to get the beamer on the ramp and we are going to try and diagnose this issue we have bought a prop shaft donut in preparation we think it’s that but um yeah let’s get the car up on the ramp and have a look so as we suspected the prop shaft donor is in dreadful condition if you look closely you can . Seethere are some really big cracks in the rubber now the problem that we are experiencing is very loud and juddering now whether this is causing that noise or not i’m not 100 sure but we do have a lovely new prop shaft donut to replace it i’m hoping we don’t have to remove the exhaust to get this fitted um so only .

Timewill tell whether this fixes that .

Noise. Butlet’s get this on the first step . Wasto undo the 6 18 millimeter bolts with my ratchet and spanner my . Lifeis telling deep dog so we ran into a little issue with one of these prop shaft donut bolts basically it was very stiff it wasn’t undoing whatsoever so we have mutilated our 18 millimeter spanner so . That. Wecan put it inside this big red pole to get some more leverage and hopefully with the breaker bar on one side on and that on the other side we should be able to uh get enough leverage to get these bolts off so yeah let’s do it you ready so guys this is where we ran into our first issue basically to summarize these prop shaft donuts have a metal sleeve which is threaded for each of the bolts and because this bolt was so seized into that metal thread when we twisted it with this red . Poleand the breaker bar it ended up just twisting the entire sleeve in the prop shaft owner which meant we had to get out the angle grinder and just cut the bolt out which was an absolute nightmare right you’re not gonna believe it but we didn’t get it on camera but we finally got this out it’s a .