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trail recon i’m really excited to with you this install because this is something that i saw on my buddy’s jeep a while ago and i was man i’ve got to do that to my rig today i’m installing vector off roads jke mount system for the jeep jk along with 67 designs clamps and phone mount and a mount that i’m going to use for my gps this is gonna be really really nice now i’ve got a lot of stuff in my jeep you know i’ve got my iphone in there i’ve got my magellan trx 7 which i use for on and off road navigation i’ve got a ham radio i’ve . Gotgopros and all kinds of . Stuffin there and it’s not really very organized this is gonna . Helpme to organize everything and really get it secured now i’ve been using 67 designs mounts in my jeep for a while i’ve got their double ball mount and then i love it it’s .

Verysecure it’s a very nice it works great for . Themy iphone in fact i will say their iphone . Mountis the best one out .

Therei’ve actually used two prior to this one that i just did not their iphone mount is . Supersimple i can take my phone in and out with one hand it’s always secure i love it and then the mount that i’m using for my gps is really solid i don’t get a lot of vibration so i love the 67 designs mounts that are gonna go on this vector system and then having these . Newclamps which allows me to .

Putthem pretty much anywhere it’s gonna really . Giveme a lot of versatility i’m really excited about that now let’s talk specifics here this . Vectorsystem is made . Outof steel it’s actually pretty lightweight it’s got a nice powder coat finish and the cool thing about this install guys is i’m not gonna be drilling my interior or cutting .

Upa bunch of plastic it actually mounts to three . Existingplaces . Inthere super super simple install should be .

Reallynice these clamps that we’re gonna be using from 67 designs are made for any kind of 1inch bar so they fit the .

Vectorjust perfectly these are very solid and .

Gota nice little rubber bushing in here that’s gonna keep things from marring up . Andthen i’m just really excited about the options here that i’m gonna have so let’s get this installed this should be very quick now there are two pieces of plastic on the . Defrosterhere that i’m just gonna pry up pull those .