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Best 10 Nice Pictures Mercedes Amg Gtr Wallpaper

just a to hide a bunch of crap nobody wants to see this is the engine behind the front wheels so this is a midengine car you just don’t sit in front of the engine you sit behind it. all of which makes it pretty handy around a race track including yes that german race track 7 minutes 11 seconds. now say what you want about nurburgring times but that’s way quicker than a ferrari 488 way quicker than a corvette zr1 and oh yeah way quicker . Thanthe. .

Porschegt3 rs which sadie says no rear. drive road car has ever gone quicker so. don’t let . Itsappearance fool . Youyeah the gtr might look it wants to kick you in the cubes but this really is a sophisticated track machine a genuine porsche rival and i gotta say i think . That’sa shame because it’s mercedes while amg has spent years and years making tyre smoking socially unacceptable nutjob cars .

Andyou don’t. want to throw away a reputation that . Justfor a nerver agreeing lap time .

Anda little tiny spat with porsche and you know what they have that amg. animal is still .

Inthere you just have to unlock the cage and the key is in the. gtrs racecar spec 9 stage traction. control system here in technical terms is how it works this end bruce banner. this end the hulk and so far today .

I’ve.been sticking to the bruce banner end but you know what happens when you turn it to the hulk end okay that’s simply not the fastest way around the corner but it sure is exhilarating this car is a hooligan a hooligan this it’s an amg no doubt about it .

Troublemakeryou’re a troublemaker you. know what i was wrong i mean yeah sure this car can play the part of a precise sophisticated rival to the gt3 rs but what it really is is a muscle car .

Amuscle car built by the best f1 team on the planet and that is a very very good thing . you