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ford c4 a little history of the c4 it was introduced in 1964 it was put in falcons mustangs fairlanes econoline vans which were just small trucks at that time and even a few galaxies got it if it had the thennew smallblock 8 . Cylindermotor now through the 60s the c4 had a few. minor changes but generally it was state of the same to 1969 and in 1970 there. was a fairly substantial upgrade to the c4 the components were enlarged .

Madebe fewer .

Littlebetter durability and because of that they also expanded .

Thecar line and engine combinations for the c4 included torinos granada’s mavericks. fseries trucks pentose and in 74 the. mustang 2 there are so many engine combinations that the c4 could have had it’s easier to tell you what didn’t have the c4 on the small end the 1600. britishbuilt motor in the pentose that never had a . C4in fact they were only sold with four speed straight shift transmissions the smallest engine that would have had a c4 would have been the .

2litergermanbuilt engine that was put in pentos you go through all the different engine sizes up to the 400 cubic inch that would have been the largest engine that could have had a . C4and most of those were in gran torino station wagons now they’re ours there’s one engine family that . Neverhad c4s and that’s the efi family .

Thatincludes . 352engine 360. truck motor . 390410 mercury built engine. 427 and 428 they would have never had a c4 the other big block family the 429 and 460 again never had a c4 but. theoretically you .

Couldput a c4 behind by using the 400 cubic inch of bell housing . Whichhas the same .

Boltpattern but you have to understand the c4 in its stock form is at best a medium duty transmission i don’t think you want to put one of those behind an engine that can produce four or five hundred footpounds of torque now . Becausethere were so many combinations of engines that could have been used with a c4 you might ask well how many different bell housings are there i can’t begin to tell you i think there’s no less than 15 different bell housings and that’s in both bolt pattern and configuration because . Thereare some bell housings that that are unique . Thatmay have the same bolt pattern is another excuse me but it would depend on. floor pan clearance and the type of vehicle that was in i’m not going to get very involved in telling you all those combinations i will tell you a .