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9 Good View Wallpaper Jeep Wrangler Amazing Pictures

really wellbuilt wranglers that have got some great upgrades to them and i don’t think it matters what you drive whether it’s a toyota or a subaru or a land rover you’re gonna see some upgrades . That. Areapplicable across the board some really cool custom stuff in this i think you guys are gonna love checking out these vehicles and yes i did break down and cut my own hair because of the current world situation but that’s all good i just feel i’m back in boot camp again stay tuned . welcome to trail recon i’m brad and today in . This we’re gonna take a look at nine vehicles that have been submitted by viewers you that are really wellbuilt and there are really nice i cannot wait to show you some of the modifications that have been done to these chief so we’re gonna take a look at wranglers only in this episode because i’ve had so many submissions of just jeep wranglers but we’ve got cj’s we’ve got yj t jj kj i think we’ve . Gotthem all covered but there’s some really . Coolvehicles in there now what i’d .

Toknow as we’re going along in the comments what is the standout modification that you think is really noteworthy there’s a lot of cool ones it’s gonna be tough to choose alright let’s jump to the first clip and we’re gonna start in arizona welcome to arizona my name is christopher and this is gadget my 2016 jeep jk unlimited rubicon she looks pretty typical for a jeep owned 35 but she’s got a couple of tricks up . Hersleeve and that’s what i want to show you in this so one project i just recently finished is the onboard water system that’s the main output for it right . Thereis this sprayer here’s a switch once it’s on there’s an .

Ondemandpump that only kicks on when you spray and i .

Thissprayer because it also has a . Lockonfeature it does do .

Hotwater the heat exchanger is in the engine bay and then there’s a seven gallon water tank underneath the jeep and an rv gravity style water inlet on the side of .

Thejeep another feature up front is part of the onboard air system i’ve got two quick connect couplers here and i hook up to custom hoses that i made and i’ve got a digital programmable pressure switch and what that does is basically i hook up all four tires the compressor kicks on automatically and when it gets to just the right psi for the street it kicks off .